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  • Probably Tom's high point at the Blues.
  • One of my favourite Waits songs. Love his voice here.
  • jethuth gonna be here thoon
  • haha izcool
  • Yes. I'm here!
  • yes ... bloody yes
  • god dam good
  • Jesus stole my hub caps!!
  • i hear Howlin' Wolf's influence in this song :)
  • I don't find Waits convincing as a blues singer, but I kinda like this one none-the-less.
  • Where you be Jebus?
  • jesus gonna be here thoon
  • finíssimo!
  • <3 <3 <3
  • One of Tom's finest!
  • jesus
  • "...except from drinking, but he knew that I would..." awesome
  • christ, this cat can sing some blues
  • Sounds like he has a lisp
  • I'm afraid, Zerubbabel413, the question that should you should have asked is who needs jesus when ya got TOM WAITS?
  • That's what coolness really means
  • That cough actually chills my spine
  • What a voice!!!!! Amazing!!
  • Jesus was here while I was listening to Waits' song!
  • vh1 storytellers
  • Someone else feels hopeless
  • the cough at the end of the song makes it perfect
  • Tom has the blues
  • goodblues
  • What to say....
  • I fucking love his vocals on this one.
  • impossible to not want to get drunk while listenign to this. always imagine sitting on a porch with a bottle of whiskey singing to the moon.
  • Makes me want to sit down in a dark room and drink an old fashioned
  • Masterpiece. Recorded in one take. Amazing. He's gonna cover us up with leaves with a blanket from the moon.
  • jesus was a trickster. stop waiting.
  • OMG, amazing!
  • get a line on yourself..........
  • The lispy sound in his voice gets on my nerves after awhile but i like the overall song.
  • tom has been a favorite of mine for years...excellent
  • I love Tom and his voice
  • Doesn't he sing, "Hollywood be thy name"?
  • +++
  • I would go to church if I knew that this song would be performed faithfully there. The, "Hallowed be thy name," part just made me crack up out loud, sitting in my room alone.
  • I can't tell whether this character is supposed to be a drunken old man or a drunken old woman, which makes this song even better.
  • I fucking FREAKED OUT when I heard this song 4 the first time. The voice, the bassline, the lyrics....and that damned one-note catgut-strung guitar! I went out and bought the CD the next morning. Had 2 have it.
  • no, i'm pretty sure captaingroovy had it right the first time.
  • who needs tom waits when ya got JESUS?
  • His voice in this one is amazing.


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