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I Today Is The Day sono una band noisecore/grindcore/sperimentale nata a Nashville nel Tennessee e guidata da Steve Austin, che ne è chitarrista, cantante e principale compositore. La line-up dei Today Is The Day è cambiata spesso nel tempo, con Austin unico leader e membro permanente. In passato la band ha visto anche la presenza di Bran Dailor e Bill Kelliher come batteria e bassista rispettivamente, oggi batterista e chitarrista dei Mastodon. I Today Is The Day cominciano… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Avatar di knight_88
    Incredible band.
  • Avatar di rou_iden
    i wake in cold sweat and there is no one no one who cares this life no life it's killing me i am slowly dying i can't be what you want me to be i am dead
  • Avatar di haadeus
    when i was an angry wannabe tough-guy preteen, discovering this band worked like a rusty nail on my ear drums. i still wish they'd tour sometime in the Old World...
  • Avatar di haadeus
    i think he is rather eligible to his opinion, since he seems to have a MSc in said music style.
  • Avatar di JamesStayPaid
    Guy Fieri's second most listened band is Limp Bizkit. Seems to me he's not really in the position to be insulting anybody else's musical tastes.
  • Avatar di fernpng
    I can't be what you want me to be
  • Avatar di MilitaryTwoStep
    if i could think of any band that didn't need to have a 3 hour experimental trainwreck it'd be this. stick to 30 minutes or it just turns into self indulgent boring wank for drones.
  • Avatar di Nagsworth
    christ what the fuck is this music? it's absolutely brilliant and weird as fuck, i love it.
  • Avatar di AprilPhantom
    your input is much appreciated, Guy Fieri [2]
  • Avatar di thatkirbydude
    your input is much appreciated, Guy Fieri

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