• Two years, and nineteen days ago...

    Dic 26 2007, 19:01 di echelonstudios

    So, two years and nineteen days ago I was told about this wonderful fairly new service called Last.fm. So being the music collector/audiophile that I was I just had to check it out and get an account, and install one of those old last.fm/audioscrobbler plugins that they were still using to get on this service.

    And now, over 2 years and nearly 100,000 scrobbles later, I have formed a great looking database that when looked over with a fine-tuned comb, you can notice what moods I was in during certain weeks, what artists that I've known for years but for some reason would become an obsession over a certain week. I'm of the belief that you can look through someone's last.fm profile and see their life story for at least the time that they've been a user.

    I'm going to break down my current top 10 for you guys and explain how they've been a part of my life for the last 2 years.

    Here we go:

    #1: MxPx: I had never seen this artist live until just recently, then I found out how much I've missed. …