• Sunday Morning Coming Down

    Feb 19 2008, 18:09 di rockrobster23

    A while back, ACKtheHack posted a drinking songs mix (here: http://www.last.fm/user/ACKthehack/journal/2008/01/18/625201/) and that reminded me of this essay that I've been meaning to put up here.

    Upon rereading this, I am still wondering what drove the SoCal punk scene's disdain for alcohol. Distancing themselves from hippies?

    Previously posted elsewhere, but this belongs on last.fm too.

    One of the most durable traditions in American popular music is the drinking song. Our national anthem’s melody and structure is based on “To Anacreon in Heaven,” an 18th-century drinking song, a fact that tells me 18th-century drinkers were far more ambitious than we are today, the melody being much more challenging to sing than “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.” I guess that’s why we sing the anthem at the beginning of sporting events, anyway: by the 7th inning stretch, everybody would sound like Harry Caray. There are examples of drinking songs, or songs about alcohol and alcoholism, in just about any subgenre of music you could name…