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  • Avatar di adamagedone
    Here's the crossfade of the new Thousand Eyes album, Kouta/Bach original project, to be released on september the 16th:
  • Avatar di MrSanjuro
    RIP Thousand Leaves. You were a good inspiration for me.
  • Avatar di adamagedone
    So.. I asked him on Twitter and he confirmed. He specifically said "Sorry, I'm not making arrange album". So I guess he's done with Touhou/doujin all together for good.
  • Avatar di KeenanJohnston
    Wow, that's pretty big news. Was that on Twitter? I don't think I'm following him on there yet. I wonder if he means another Touhou death metal project, or an original one (or a KanColle one??).
  • Avatar di adamagedone
    Fuck everything
  • Avatar di adamagedone
    What... my heart is broken
  • Avatar di skwisgaarthegod
    I asked him and he said no more Thousand Leaves but maybe another death metal project.
  • Avatar di skwisgaarthegod
    I doubt it'll happen any time soon if at all. He seems pretty into Thousand Eyes/other stuff for now. One can hope though.
  • Avatar di adamagedone
    Do you guys think we'll ever have a new Thousand Leaves album some day?
  • Avatar di skwisgaarthegod
    It's the only KanColle album I really like so far, and Matsu is great.

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