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I Third Eye Blind sono un gruppo alternative rock che si è formato nei primi anni 90 a San Francisco. La band oggi è formata da Stephan Jenkins (cantante,autore dei testi,chitarrista), Brad Hargreaves (batteria), Tony Fredianelli (chitarra) e Arion Salazar (basso). La formazione originale venne cambiata poco dopo l'uscita del loro secondo album,Blue, nel 1999, quando il chitarrista Kevin Cadogan abbandonò per circostanze che tuttoggi destano parecchi dubbi nei fans. Più recentemente, poi, il bassista Arion Salazar… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Anyone with more than 8,870+?
  • Tattoo of the Sun... Now I Don't Know, Horror Show... check my plays, I've got a ton for all of them
  • Got any favorites among the unreleased stuff? I loved 2nd Born and thought it definitely should have been on an album.
  • Yes! From what I can gather Stephan is extremely perfectionistic & I appreciate that. I think he realizes what MASTERPIECES the self-titled album & Blue were/are... so it's hard for him to just churn out crap. In the future he will probably release individual songs & stuff like that. As you said... there are a lot of DEMOS & instrumental versions of their stuff that can be found online. I love all of it... I also heard there are 2 more songs that were recorded during "Dopamine" that we will hopefully hear sometime this year!
  • I think the problem isn't how long it takes him to write. More him being a perfectionists. There are several albums worth of demos out there. Some gems as well.
  • I actually like the fact they haven't churned out shitty music & even though the gaps in between these last 2 records has been super long... if it takes 3x as long as other artists than I accept it. A band like 311, for example... has made so many mediocre records in recent years
  • There are very few songwriters in the world as talented or consistent as Jenkins.
  • 3EB basically represent my favorite qualities of music in it's purest form. Stephan Jenkins is the greatest talent that my ears have personally ever come across
  • Could that be a 4 song single/EP of the song Dopamine?
  • Yeah, didn't realize it was a full LP until now since Spotify lists it as a 4 song EP for some reason.

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