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  • Don't forget to pre-order the new album!
  • Обожаю послушать их зимой.Его голос будто бы за тебя делает чай и накрывает тебя пледом.
  • One of the best underrated bands of the 60s. I'm listening to their 1965 album "Begin Here" (again) and what's interesting is that there is some great early-psychedelic music tracks. The mod scene died out in '66 with the rise of the hippie scene (psychedelic music). "Begin Here" was released in '65 - so the Zombie really was on the ball - early - musically speaking. Wonderful band. <3
  • Cool Music
  • Love it
  • Odessey and Oracle is amazing! A masterpiece!
  • Cool Music
  • Норм.
  • It's the time of the season ;)
  • odessey and oracle certainly a psychedelic top5
  • Hot Damn, Aye Caramba, Mein Gott or Sacrebleu, tell it how you want it: this band is in-cre-di-ble.
  • Odessey and Oracle is seriously one of the best albums ever
  • One of the most underrated bands of all time for sure [2]
  • Odessey & Oracle is beautiful....
  • sls
    Odessey & Oracle is a true classic, like a "love every track" classic, a 1-in-1000 album, anyone who is browsing this page considering getting it I say "Hell yes". Singles As & Bs isn't a bad collection either, but it's more for those already interested in the band, the era, the style.
  • Underrated band, even more underrated singer in the history of pop
  • I love this band so much. <3
  • Yes indeed...severely underrated and under-appreciated as a band that helped shape rock n' roll. I highly recommend listening to "Leave Me Be" if you're looking for a moodier, more somber song from them.
  • Always thought the Zombies were one of the most underrated bands of the psychedelic 60s. These guys, the Black Angels, are one of the most underrated bands in the psych scene right now. They actually played at the same Austin Psych Fest as the Zombies. Check them out in their new video for "The Flop"
  • Absolutely underrated! They are such an amazing band and Odessey & Oracle is a masterpiece.
  • Long live the Zombies!
  • One of the most underrated bands of all time for sure
  • Saw them last month. Colin still has that voice!
  • How We Were Before is still one of the greatest songs ever written.
  • переоценены
  • some of the greatest music ever recorded.
  • first thought after listening to this: feels so good to be alive, every emotion (even the bad one) is flowing through your body, giving you warmth
  • :)
  • <3
  • theme from Awakenings is rly awesome )
  • Zombies + Kinks = Kinky Zombies
  • Odessey and Oracle is a trve classic.
  • Care of Cell 44 <3
  • Черт! Насколько же я их обожаю. Одни из лучших в 60-х. Не... Лучших на все времена!!!
  • Timeless music. :)
  • Beechwood Park <3
  • This band was so fucking good. (2)
  • I just reviewed Odessey and Oracle on my blog. Great album!
  • who's your daddy?
  • Spotify playlist: [url=]Classic Rock[/url]
  • I saw them at a free festival in my small town a few years ago. Pretty surreal, The Zombies of all bands. Odessey is a great album.
  • Featured on SaltyKnuckles ~ Oldies №13 -
  • Odessey and Oracle is good..
  • why ,,, just whyy,, i've never listened them before, they are legend :D
  • You lose the point in music when you start comparing artists and songs.
  • Hung Up On A Dream > God Only Knows
  • Odessey & Oracle > Pet Sounds [2]
  • This band was so fucking good. Odessey and Oracle is amazing but their older stuff was so raw and fresh. Songs like I Love You, It's Alright With me, Sometimes, I Remember When I Loved Her. Wish they had done more.
  • i don't mind the "pet sounds vs. ________" stuff on the beatles' page, but keep it out of here. yes, pet sounds is better than odessey and oracle, but odessey is a brilliant album and loving it has nothing to do with derangement. i love both albums equally, and have listened to both hundreds of times.
  • I get so hard when I listen to Colin Blunstone sing [2]


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