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  • Avatar di A_Tamzarian
    ozy punk 1s
  • Avatar di BlakeHate
    ustralian Thought Criminals for the win
  • Avatar di kanto_sho
    why do last fm add the article for Aussie thought criminals? They seems tagged without article here.
  • Avatar di kirlianblue
    @FacelessShadow, Cyberslut is being re -worked..Darker and Heavier the new stuff ie Pay Her To Lay Her is on the same lines of Cyberslut the other tracks are not. You could class it as Cyberslut MKII. We have come along way from Die Young Stay Pretty and are busy recording the secound album. Club versions are never representive of an album I like a couple personally well three.
  • Avatar di FacelessShadows
    aha when I said "neo-synthpop pap" I wasn't intending for it to be taken as a genre or a category.. As for what genre you actually are I wouldn't like to say; it doesn't really matter all that much. Well, I decided to give the album another chance just before I saw your reply and if I'm honest it's growing on me (although I'm not sure if I'll be able to stomach all these "club remixes" at once, but oh well..). I guess I just didn't find the rest of the songs as instantly catchy as I did Cyberslut at first... maybe it just wasn't what I was expecting when I heard Cyberslut *shrugs* But anyway, I like it more than I did a few days ago :P And no, not bad at all, well done..
  • Avatar di kirlianblue
    @FacelessShadows I'm sorry you feel your time was wasted but a lot of people bought the CD so that generic neo-sythpop pap was liked by a lot of people. I still don't get how AK47, Suicide Bomber or Brixton Breifcase are neo synthpop but each to their own opinion..As our our first album which got re released in 2008 by the former wax trax label WTII Records in the USA I think for a South London Band we did not do bad. Our second album on its way is a tad diffrent but we must all learn and start somewhere anyway like your term neo-synthpop pap.. I wondered what genre we we're then.. Kirlian The Thought Criminals
  • Avatar di sinner4saint
    Great music, great personalities and great future I see for this band!!!!! <3
  • Avatar di FacelessShadows
    Timewasters. Just because you write one really good, catchy, quirky song (Cyberslut) doesn't mean you can make the rest of the album generic neo-synthpop pap -_- Highly disappointed =[
  • Avatar di Sp0okie
  • Avatar di Warsie
    Wow!! There are more full tracks!!! :DD Thanks Kirlian!! *3*

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