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  • Very beautiful song ❤️👌
  • <3 happy sad perfection
  • Great song from one of punk's most unique bands. <3
  • feckin brilliant band
  • ;-]
  • One of my favorite stranglers melodic tracks
  • cool
  • absolute perfection
  • Mega
  • Walking home in her wrapped up world
  • She survived but she's feeling old and she found all things cold.
  • omgthestranglersgreat
  • oh. great.
  • Really great song, love it :P
  • <<<< fan since1982 (A.D.) ..and I still think they`re good! :)
  • I used to be a strange little girl!
  • one of their best...
  • So Many Strange Little Girls, So many Fashion Victims, that period was actualy quite hopeless and sad. Punk never held for long, but the feeling of the period still passes with this song, the Essence of Post Punk in my opinion.
  • download now : the stranglers according to the fans! artwork for a downloadable cover, with track-list & contributors names etc, available early 2011
  • I have my bro to thank for my taste of punk as he was a real punk with pink hair and all the trimmings !!! He used to play a lot of the stranglers and they rubbed off on me. Best of the punk bands !!
  • Brilliant!!
  • the best one !
  • this is a gem
  • My funeral song.
  • bit sad and haunting... mixed memories of this one
  • Has anyone heard the remake by Tori Amos? It is also great!!!
  • me too great memories..
  • Love it. Lot of good memories.
  • just ttttttttttttt greattttttttttttttt magiccccccccccccccjust lovelyyyyyyyyy
  • are they still alive ?
  • Their best (IMO)
  • Love it mega
  • piel de gallina
  • Right on Stranglers!
  • Heaven's soundtrack...
  • Alway's a strange little for me!!
  • such a heart warming sound
  • Great song, but Tori Amos made me see it in a whole new light. The "strange little girl" definitely needed to tell her side of the story.
  • always feel tearful listening 2 this- rmbr gd times!!!!!
  • very underrated band !!
  • jj's bass ahhh!
  • wonderful
  • Always a sun for me to.
  • i've always love this band.... always a sun for my life ...
  • strange little girl was my favourite when I was a kid, :)
  • lovely little tune, stranglers rule ok!
  • Great to see they're touring! Hope they hit this side of the pond!
  • wow


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