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The Soundtrack of Our Lives


rock · emusic · vinyl

Elenco dei brani


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  • I agree with you, scanderly, but the cover is probably the most ugliest one in music history. I've never seen anything like it, and I've seen a lot of ugly covers out there. Don't get me wrong - I think the record itself is great, but the cover is nothing but horrible.
  • i guess the cover-artwork is some kind of persiflage, it creates a contrast to the music and what the music expresses. the suburban people on the cover-artwork are smiling, but i guess for the most people who appreciate the music on this album, the cover seems rather ugly. the greenish drink they are drinking seems like some of these wellness-healthy-fitter-happier-drinks, but the colour is disgusting, and so are the face-expressions of the two people, for me they look creepy, but in a rather funny way. no way you want to be like them! i guess this cover also represents the self-irony of the artists behind this record. i think it is meant 10% critical, 90% funny. it isn't mean or hatefull at all i guess. but i could be totally wrong about the cover though.
  • Wtf, the artwork is so random, I don't think I get the idea behind it. The music is awesome though :D
  • V IKR!
  • at first i thought the cover "artwork" was a tootbrush ad... :(
  • I dont get the artwork at all. It's hilarious though, haha.
  • Absolutely unbelievable album
  • Absolutely unbelievable cover artwork...

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