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  • download Mama Said.mp3
  • Golden oldie.
  • There's a whole bunch of fabulous early sixties,girl groups....and these are MY favourites!
  • Always listen to MaMa
  • Who's your Daddy?
  • Marmoset Marmoset!
  • :-))
  • Always listen to Mama..... she is almost always right!
  • Mama's are always right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • .
  • I just love the Shirelles!
  • "Mama Said".....but nobody listened!!
  • Always listen to mama!! =) Great tune!
  • Perfect for this lovely spring weather we're having here atm :D
  • This is just beautiful
  • Mama raised em good
  • The original Amy Winehouse sound.
  • mama said
  • One of my favorite oldies and a great tempo
  • Lleno de vida este tema !!!
  • great song , ma ma said.
  • <3<
  • Classic - love it, over and over again!!!
  • this song is a time machine, taking all of us listeners back to a much simpler era
  • I love this one. First introduced to this song by my cousin!!!
  • Just always loved this one,,Live and learn right?
  • :)
  • The instrumentation to this one is really sublime. As that soul man once said, "what a classic blow my nutts off brill dancer."
  • Wonderful Song ! Love it !
  • Mama is always right, that is something I know for a fact!
  • Cool track
  • mama said would be days like this she was right
  • America would have 50% of its population if mama would've been listened to.
  • And she was so right..But we never really listen to our parents..When you were young and in love.............! WOW,,,should of listened! Live and learn,,right?
  • Great song great dancer.
  • Mama Said Many Things,...Wish I Would Have Listened! LOL
  • nobody listens to mama until its too late.
  • one of the all time great girl groups
  • Great song,,and Mama was so right,,but you live and learn!
  • Mama knew of what she spake!
  • Maybe my all time fav girl singing group!
  • cool odies tune whose key phrase i have echoed many days of my journey along Life's Hwy,
  • BIEN
  • Nobody listen until they recall what Mama once said...
  • Yep, memories
  • mama zawsze ma rację ;)
  • brings back memories.
  • hummm....gosteiiiiii.....rssss;)
  • very nice!!!!! ;-)


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