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The Red Paintings are an Orchestral art rock band based in Los Angeles, California, originally formed 1999 in Geelong, Victoria but have been based over the last few years in Brisbane, Australia. The band consists of lead vocalist\songwriter Trash McSweeney on guitar, sequencing and samples, Trash also is the brainchild behind all the bands stage and musical concepts. Current touring line up is Ellen Stancombe (violin,…

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  • I saw them opening for Die Krupps. Finally an art rock band who can play their instruments. They seem interesting.
  • Interesting band. Glad I found them.
  • Saw them open for New Years Day and The Birthday Massacre last night in Pittsburgh...they stole the show with one of the best live performances I have seen in a long time (coming from an avid TBM fan).
  • i like the sound that they do... <3
  • I can't believe I've never heard of these guys before...saw them live last week, having no idea who they were and oh my god, mind blown. Officially in love. ♥
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  • new album is awesome
  • I love you TRP, and really I hate to be discouraging, but this wasn't worth the wait. I can count the number of new songs on one hand, and none of them are particularly memorable. Those few should have just been released as an EP, at least then it would have felt like the band had some forward progression, instead of just rehashing the past ad nauseum...
  • Thoroughly let down after 5+ years of waiting. Most of the songs are on other releases, even though they've been re-worked it doesn't make a difference.

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