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I Presidents Of The United States Of America sono un gruppo musicale formatosi a Seattle (Washington) nel 1989. Al contrario delle band sorelle di Seattle, i Presidents Of The United States Of America si sono distinti per aver rifiutato il tormento e le angoscie a favore dell'umorismo scrivendo canzoni brevi, semplici e assurde la cui forza si basava soprattutto su un atteggiamento volutamente demenziale e ironico piuttosto che su tenebrosi riff di chitarra e urla tormentate.

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  • Only a few tracks are good!
  • Are you a sucker for long band names that have at least 30 letters? Are you searching for long band names without genre restrictions? Do you know a band which band name is long enough and has at least 25 listeners? Then I welcome you to our new group [url=]Collective of longest band names ever[/url] and please share your recommended artists with us! Thank you!
  • Their first two albums are great! I would recommend them to anyone who has a strong whimsical sense of humor and appreciates good music. Most songs are about insects or little critters, i.e. frogs, cats, spiders, salamanders, but don't let that turn you off. This music is all about fun My top recommendations are: Bug City, Feather Pluckin, Body and Stranger. My only disappointment is that this band deviated from their first two releases.
  • Except for their debut, this new album they have is the only other one they released (as far as studio albums go, not counting compilations or the Pure Frosting album) that wasn't released in an election year.
  • Solid new album
  • The new album is nothing short of fantastical! I urge you all to purchase it immediately. One day, it shall be required by law that everyone must purchase the PUSA catalog, so you may as well get ahead of the game
  • Nice new album!!
  • If you contributed to the Pledge Music campaign, you can download the new albums now!!!
  • One of my favourite bands, by far

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