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I The Presets sono un duo elettronico originario di Sydney, Julian Hamilton e Kim Moyes. L'album di debutto, Beams, risale al 2005, pur avendo iniziato la collaborazione nel 2003.
Il duo è anche membro del gruppo strumentale Prop.
Un remix di "Are You The One" è stato utilizzato per la pubblicità australiana della BMW Serie 1.

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  • If I Know U = <3
  • Apocalypso is so hot, as your Mom!
  • Free song downloads on our band's profile page! :)) [artist]E-Gens[/artist]
  • "Kitty in the Middle" is just really reminding me of a chilled indie electronica version of Shiv-R, maybe it's just the vocals in the track, but maybe the slow bpm and bass which is in some Shiv-R tracks
  • Different strokes...these guys had never managed to trigger my synthpop jones beyond the Hurts level (which is about a B-), but I'm in love with those two songs.
  • These guys are slipping. Apocalypso is amazing and a lot of Beams and Pacifica are great, but No fun and Goodbye... aren't good.
  • No fun.
  • beams был хорошим, apocalypso - охуенным. pacifica - лютое говно
  • If I Know You...Best Song Ever :-)
  • Ghoooooooooosts

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