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  • Sleeps on water, walks on ice
  • One of my high school teachers sang me the line "Sing on water walks on ice, ICE" after I lent him Y. Such a great moment
  • NEVER HEARD OF THEM! they are cool
  • One of the great British groups.
  • Fuck yeah!
  • ..ładne...
  • ray of sound
  • this rules [2]
  • Sexy partisan.
  • wow, epic funk!
  • Just found this, a bit late I guess, love it.
  • This song is surely excellent
  • Brilliant.
  • All-time favorite! Makes me feel like i'm on drugs again!.
  • one of the greatest songs of the 70s - I'm glad to see it's been getting a lot of play lately.
  • WHOA, I have totally slept on this group... how did I not know who was responsible for this? for shame
  • super.
  • Why was this not included on the first cut of Y? It's fantastic
  • Our only defence is together as an army
  • great stuff
  • wow, i'm really FEELIN' this song right now!!!
  • wow this song is all over the place! but i like it. A LOT
  • Out of this world. Amazing.
  • could imagine them being an influence on Animal Collective
  • yeah i guess you can't buy a dancing flame on a bed of nails
  • if its strange I like it
  • what a pop act
  • now re-formed and performing at a scout hut near you. check out Mark Springer's stuff. the struggle continues, fuck the plutocracy!
  • Western values mean nothing to her!
  • Pere Ubu + Talking Heads = ??? Maybe this! I fackin' love post-punk paranoia, man.
  • insuperables!
  • I totally forgot how I loved Y and this. Thanks FootToFace for listening to this while I was randomly browsing
  • Grooviest song ever
  • I wish everything was this song.
  • My little girl was born on a ray of sound
  • Groovy man! I love this song.
  • it's like hearing a missing link.
  • my all time favourite <3
  • nice to see this in the pitchfork 500, not exactly a chart topper, but certainly one of the most enduring and genuine songs from 1979.
  • such a great song. gotta love the funk
  • Western values mean nothing to her

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