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  • I think that it depends on your taste. Bizarre Ride II is more foolish and silly, so not always do I enjoy listening to the album as a whole. I, for one, like the more matured and mellowed Pharacyde on Labcabincalifornia. It may not have as many stand-out tracks, but in my opinion the album is more coherent and provides a more enjoyable listening experience.
  • I agree with you guys, I think Labcabincalifornia is the better album, but Bizarre Ride II has some great singles.
  • I've started to prefer Labcabin, recently
  • I like Labcab but you wont hear it brought up in many GOAT hip-hop discussions (save jay dee dudes). I disagree about Bizzare Ride II being dated. In fact, Labcab reminds me of bad alternative crossover rap that was paired with Jamiroquai, 311 and Coolio... that to me feels more dated than the native tongue styled BR2.
  • anybody know the sample from emerald butterfly? its also on the hypnotic-the roots
  • Am I the only person who prefers Labcabincalifornia to Bizarre Ride? The latter is good but dated. The former is timeless.
  • The 20th anniversary mixtape is fire, but I'm not about to download some monster size mp3 file.
  • The OFWGKTA kids were probably conceived while people were fucking to "4 Better or 4 Worse"... LA apparently is not dead. [url=][2][/url]
  • RUNNIN' !!
  • so much love for this group right here
  • Family oriented but not oriental. A dame is supposed to claim ya even if you drive a pinto. A hero is a sandwich and a manwich is a meal. A marriage is a paper are they faking or for real?
  • Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde and Labcabincalifornia are albums you must listen before you die!
  • I love
  • amazing~
  • They're good :)
  • 4 Better Or 4 Worse [2]
  • Love to see them live! Please come to the UK again!
  • 4 Better Or 4 Worse
  • Can some song be any cooler than Back in the day?
  • How I'd love some new music from them...
  • I understand people need to do their own thing and the chemistry has to be right but I'd love to hear Slimkid3, Imani, Fatlip, J-Swift and Bootie Brown come together do an album again, even if it was just an EP.
  • "Searchin' for a remedy, now she loves a man but there is just a different type of chemistry..." Fuck yeah.
  • "best alternative hip hop group to emerge from the west-coast" I wouldn't go that far since the west is home to so many legendary groups, that being said Labcabin is still one of the freshest hh albums of all-time
  • SlimKid3 of Pharcyde released a new album. Check it out here & it is getting rave reviews from old hip hop heads. Yaah. I can't wait to hear it. xox
  • 0 listeners, so underground
  • Don't think I've ever heard a hip-hop album as energetic as Bizarre Ride II.
  • soo fucking good
  • I have no idea how they ended up on my iPod, but I'm not complaining [=
  • I guess a twinkle in her eye was just a twinkle in her eye.
  • о дааааааа
  • dope
  • wu tang are not overrated, i think its difficult compare wu tang to de la soul, its like comparing indie and metal...
  • Bizarre Ride II was a high point in hip-hop history.
  • West Coast!
  • How to post in a Shoutbox 101. Claim one person is ">" than the person the shoutbox belongs to. "Start pointless argument". The only goal nowadays is to post how much better someone else is over the person the shoutbox belongs to, and then leave and never return, because you felt your opinion is fact.
  • oh shit i thought kool keith was the golden era of hip hop! someone explain this golden era of hip hop to me cause i'm missing it!!!
  • Says the user who partially agrees with my statement... People were talking about wu-tang. I responded. gtfo.
  • and for the record de la soul is the greatest hip-hop group of all time. wu-tang is incredibly overrated
  • ignore mr.mocha. hes just a user that goes around artists shoutboxes and states unpopular opinons in order to get attention and get a response
  • Respect.
  • J's Runnin' Remix:
  • Wu Tang Clan, best rap group of all time for kids who missed the golden era and needed a crew to latch onto... Hip-Hop died in 1993 because Midnight Marauders dropped, no hip-hop album since has even come close. Sorry. However, Bizarre Ride II easily falls into the Golden Era canon.
  • the pharcyde..I just love them
  • rspct
  • Why do people always insist on comparing artists/groups/bands that are nothing alike? Wu-Tang and The Pharcyde could not be any different from one another. They are both hip-hop groups who started out in the 90's...the similarities end there.[2]
  • wu tang clan best rap group of all time [ 2 ] + their solo stuff included, like a dozen of great albums.. and most of the rest range from mediocre to good. Not just quantity but Top Quality.
  • Personal favourite hip-hop group.
  • Pharcyde funnest rap group of all time!


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