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  • Avatar di Sin_Materi
    Put on Your Rosy Red Glasses>Mongrel>Worse Than Alone>Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear.
  • Avatar di Legg91
    Still the best band ever. Hope they do a reunion tour or something
  • Avatar di A-Fuckin-A
    Очень годно
  • Avatar di Taf_ooner
    I can't think of a band I miss more than these guys (2)
  • Avatar di nathanwoven
    Wow, I guess grooveshark isn't a website anymore. Luckily I ripped the 3 songs that were on the link. BUT STILL. Somebody out there must have that demo laying around.
  • Avatar di nathanwoven
    That's neat. Still looking for the rest of the And Ever demo. And more information about the release. But most the missing tracks that weren't on that previous link I posted.
  • Avatar di bobo9390
    "holy fuck this is horrible" haha wat
  • Avatar di DrownedGreg
    Rare #12 poster form the live CD release package of "Here at the End of All Things" on eBay, ya'll:
  • Avatar di Koonks
    Jesse is doing photography now as well, he, along with some other guy, has a youtube channel where they upload these sort of documentary videos about their work for sony. It's called "dudes with cameras".
  • Avatar di Salyutin
    Alex had two projects [url=]Composite City[/url] and [url=]Voyeurs Kaleidoscope[/url]. Jesse is doing a lot of stuff, even TV show for kids but no music, Justin is doing photography I believe

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