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I Nice sono un gruppo britannico di fine anni '60, il cui genere musicale può essere identificato nell'art rock.
La loro musica e' una miscela di rock, folk, beat e classica.
Il primo album esce nel 1968 e si intitola "The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack". Dopo l’incisione, O’List abbandona e i rimasti decidono di proseguire come trio (anticipando di fatto ciò che saranno Emerson Lake and Palmer negli anni ’70). Sempre nello stesso…

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  • Dancing in a perfumed garden of lysergic weirdness.
  • Wonderful!
  • This respected group has always sought to extract a diverse and deep sound. They have always been adventurous in the choice of material, and in the philosophical approach to the music. They produce a great impression of a mixture of artistry and power of influence. It makes sense to have them for your own collection.
  • Much prefer the Nice to ELP when Mr E had a tendency towards pompousness and going up his own bot at times
  • Oh wow... I didn't know they had other albums besides ars longa vita breva. I only recognized one song from the front page. These other songs are great!
  • They are sooooooo nice!!!!!
  • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • [url=]Wielkie urodziny audycji za PROGiem[/url] Wygraj płyty Riverside, Pendragon, Airbag, Gazpacho, Discipline, Lebowski, Sylvan. W programie analiza "H to He Who...' od VDGG. Nie możesz tego przegapić :)
  • very nice indeed
  • Groovy

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