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  • Shoutout to Jon Theodore.
  • Day of the Baphomets is their masterpiece.
  • After I bought this on the day it came out, it was the only thing I listened to for a week. Still one of my favorite albums ever.
  • fuck how amazing
  • their most underrated
  • This album is as weird and mysterious as the artwork itself. Fuckin' love it.
  • Yeah this album is fucking crazy without a doubt, but it holds up with Deloused and Frances easily.
  • Definitely my favourite Volta record.
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  • Starting to REALLY get into this album. I mean more than before.
  • I don't even care what anyone else thinks, this will forever be their best album in my eyes.
  • I remember when this first came out and a lot people were a bit "meh", "not the same as FTM"... And yeah, it's a bit different - the first one without a whole album concept story - but the songs on it are damn good. If I were really really really pushed into picking a favourite album... I'd probably go for this one. Love the cover too.
  • This is their magnum opus and won't be acknowledged as such for a few decades, I'd imagine.
  • Love at first sight
  • Someday, everyone will realize that this is in fact their best album. [2] some day, not soon, but maybe in a decade or two.
  • I used to think it's their best. I'm not sure anymore...
  • i don't understand why people have trouble with this record. it's very easy to get into it. it is probably the easiest to listen to of their albums bar the debut.
  • Unbearaborrible.
  • such a dense album, but so listenable... Its hard to turn off.
  • Their best
  • Their best.
  • their best
  • Takes you on a trip
  • listening to their new album makes me realise, how bloody good "Amputechture" is.
  • This album is fucking weird and makes me feel a little uneasy, but damn, I can't help but love it.
  • Volta's craziest, most excellent, most fucked up and most awesome record. Period
  • vermicide and viscera eyes solos got this unique frusciante sound
  • okay, after what now ... over 5 years ... I'm finally starting to get into this record. it used to have a 1:10 listening ratio against all the other albums, but I think I can finally appreciate this effort ...
  • Their most underrated after Octahedron probably. Day of the Baphomets is probably one of the greatest examples of a perfect song. And some of the melodies is Meccamputechture are just pure brilliance.
  • This is a beauty - never mind if its the Dark Side of our time or TMV's best Just enjoy
  • Great album. I find it interesting how their are so many different opinions on which Volta album is "the hardest to get into".
  • Asilos Magdalena
  • Very under-rated album of theirs.
  • Someday, everyone will realize that this is in fact their best album.
  • masterpiece, i dont use the term lightly.
  • wow, this album is a mindblower all the way! every single one of the songs is brilliant!
  • I like the fact that the album starts really slow then kicks in about halfway through the second song :]
  • @AEnimia: I don't think so, Tim.
  • In thirty years time, this will be regarded as our generation's Dark Side of the Moon/Wish You Were Here.
  • what an underrated album!
  • Rowan5215 wrote: July 2010 Only Mars Volta album I haven't listened to yet. Tell me, is it worth getting? highlights are meccamputechture and asilos magdalena.i have a tiny little issue with that noising on tetragrammaton,but i got used to.
  • i agree with the notion that this and FtM are their very best efforts. the high quality of FtM rarely gets disputed, but Amputechture, for a mystery reason i'll never understand, got so much flak from the critics that it's not even funny...
  • @AEnimia i think it gives the album balance honestly, hard and soft, fast and slow, Omar and an acoustic guitar works wonders. This is my second favorite TMV album, Day of the Baphomets does a superb job of summing up every thing that is great about The Mars Volta.
  • f**k, it's great!!!!! Underrated as hell.
  • yeah well, it works when you are lucid as well... it's an amazing album, in fact
  • it's funny how it works so perfectly when you are really HIGH
  • rough edges: El Ciervo Vulnerado & Asilos Magdalena. I just don't think either of these songs belong on this record. They don't fit in style-wise, and more importantly, quality-wise. But that's just me, think what you will.
  • Underrated as hell. Viscera Eyes is especially fucking amazing.
  • I don't even know what rough edges you guys are talking about. This and Frances are definitely TMV at their very best. Crazy shit.


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