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  • Avatar di hkphe
    It's nice. First time hearing this I thought it's a original Maine song because it simply sounds so much like them. They took the song and really owned it
  • Avatar di mINDsELFiNDULGE
    Superior cover. My friends.
  • Avatar di mirandahartt
    such a good song
  • Avatar di rb4music
    a zillion times better than original
  • Avatar di matthewpillar
    Hahaha the intro is so jokes when you here it from these guys.
  • Avatar di missFabina
    ohhhhhyeahhhhhhhhhhhhh ;D there hot!!
  • Avatar di Kenseyyy
    I love his voice its so sexy<3
  • Avatar di JustGoWithItXp
    I wanna love you <3
  • Avatar di OneWithRussia
    This plus smut= AMAZING xD
  • Avatar di Iridescence94
    john's voice is the sexiest. i love this band so much it's retarded.
  • Avatar di ruthmorelsa29
    fuckin awesome!
  • Avatar di WendyShultz
    It's hot how he says ass
  • Avatar di victoriamx
  • Avatar di fucktheworld509
    Males Akon sound shittier than usual...
  • Avatar di daria666boo
    I adore you!
  • Avatar di mklinsao
    @sparemymind "Punk Goes Crunk" is the name of the compilation album, not their personal choosing.
  • Avatar di xhellokittyrave
    eeeeeeeee ^.^
  • Avatar di sparemymind
    So many artists have used the same album title but the song is okay.
  • Avatar di RandallBoggs
    is this the singer from Everclear? sure sounds like it.
  • Avatar di oirodi
  • Avatar di XxRaz0rBlad3xX
    This version is sooooo much better than Akons.
  • Avatar di bizkitbella
    akon sit down you just got pissed all over sir
  • Avatar di monytoxy
    I like this band
  • Avatar di alexgaskarrrfff
    something about the way john says "i wanna love you", just turns me on lol soo much better than akon's version... love The Maine <333333
  • Avatar di mikalik93
    I wanna love you you already know xD lol
  • Avatar di gamingdolan
  • Avatar di nikix33
    I want to love you too John [2]
  • Avatar di TheOfficialTot
    I want to love you too John
  • Avatar di lovevampireboys
    Most Amazing Song Ever
  • Avatar di KarenRadkeFurey
    I love it!!
  • Avatar di xXelyyXx
  • Avatar di Raquel_99
  • Avatar di pepeblink182
    owwww q lindaaaa
  • Avatar di alltimolowlove
    DEFINETLY better than the original AIN'T GOT NOTHING ON AKON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar di kc_meag42
    I gonna have to agree with most everyone so far and say this is better than the original!
  • Avatar di rainbowpebbles3
    so much better than the originalll... sry to all u black ass fans of akon... jk!
  • Avatar di treehugger768
  • Avatar di orientalsvelte
  • Avatar di hahaha182
    and i love the way you shake your ass, in those jeans.
  • Avatar di hahaha182
  • Avatar di SunnySamchen
    Better than the original version :D
  • Avatar di mandaacosta
    a million times better than Akon's trash +
  • Avatar di midnightkisses-
    I rather listen to this then the original version. This is rather lovely.
  • Avatar di trevorx3
    A million times better than Akon's trash.
  • Avatar di WeBothGoDown
    they have all the shit in the world on Akon. It's just like a big shit dumping on Akon. He can't even move without shit gettin' all up on his high dollar shoes.
  • Avatar di MellowMeghead
    What, they have so much shit on Akon.
  • Avatar di soogindowhoa
  • Avatar di DropDead_0
  • Avatar di steefany
    much original :DDDD
  • Avatar di livelaughlove87
    This is beautiful <3


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