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  • LOL @ these morons hating on Rock Band because they failed out of the song on Easy mode. First of all, The Konks didn't "just happen" to get on the game, they got in because ONE OF THE FUCKING BAND MEMBERS WORKS AT HARMONIX. And what's even funnier is how faggots like you guys always say "goh pley a reel instrument lololol" when a good majority of people who play the game already play real instruments to begin with. Another thing to burst your retarded-ass bubbles is that most of the people who work at Harmonix not only have musical backgrounds, but are in bands themselves. Get the fuck over yourselves if you actually think you're cool just because you listen to a band who is on the game, but you don't play the game yourself. No one gives a shit. Just listen to the music and shut your fucking mouths if you don't have anything even remotely legit and intelligent to say. /rant
  • saw their last show at great scott for the first time. FUCKIN' AWESOME!
  • Some of these comments are completely hypocritical, this is punk not fucking avant garde symphony political punk. Don't think of them as the Clash they're the Konks, and punk in its finest was just a "play loud like nobody cares" genre, it never had to be be about anything. Just cool your jets.
  • your punk band probably sucks cock and bring nothing new to punk. Have fun playing the same old riffs to the same drumbeat, asshole
  • the Konks are a real band, they just happened to get on the game which is just a good opportunity for any band. anyway, i love the konks.
  • If I could give thumbs down to comments on here, I would give thumbs down to michaelfoore's, discomforteagle's, and dementedmomma's comments.
  • fuck rock band, coming from a member of a punk ( i mean real) band.
  • agreed with momma. stop talking shit.
  • all you rock band fags need to go out and catch some live bands play instead of sitting at home pretending
  • UncleStupid has it right. Any band that sings about how they're the shit [especially so, since one band member lacks a finger], is pretty gay. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

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