• The Eight Most Important Tracks in 2006

    Dic 31 2006, 16:58 di PudsWoods

    Hello. I'm in a bit of a rush, 'cos I'm off out to a New Year do in a bit, so here's a cobbled-together list of the most important music that was on heavy rotation on my stereo and brain this last year.

    Not all of these tracks were released in 2006, but that's not the point. All of them were introduced to me in 2006, which is far more important, I think.

    Nelly discovered the big red button on her mixing desk marked "sexotronic" and pressed it! Or rather, Timberland pressed it for her. The whole world agrees that this is the most important song ever made and world peace ensues.
    Most important bit: The 'ah-ah ah-ah ah-AH-ah' bit in the middle.

    Sexy Back
    Meanwhile Justin pressed the button that said "no-chorus-for-me-thanks". Or rather, Timberland etc etc. Justin did his bit for world peace by making everyone agree that they want to touch his bottom.
    Most important bit: "Dirty babe...."

    Fugitive (Richard X Extended Mix)