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  • Avatar di xEvyn
    New album is just as strong and wonderful as the rest of their discography.
  • Avatar di sheepmachine
    i've been listening to them/in love with their music since prisoner came out. i get super excited for any new music from them, and never disappointed. no other "indie rock" band lives up to them!
  • Avatar di LeoniXFayt
    Discovered them a few weeks ago and how awesome that was. They're one of these rare artists that is hard to find an uninteresting song; all of their songs sounds so good.
  • Avatar di maksimkat1
    До сих пор не добавили новый альбом в категорию ( Не следят за Ластом(
  • Avatar di gschmeus
    Sorry but the new Album sounds like a weak extraction of their former ones.
  • Avatar di panSmith
    I wouldn't expect their new album is going to be so good.
  • Avatar di SKARNYAX
    Another great album ! They never disappoint !
  • Avatar di morgaineblack
    Also, glad to see Prisoner is now a Top Track.
  • Avatar di morgaineblack
    "Synthia is probably their most solid album so far, Prisoner and The Brink are also good, but the new one is another level stuff" Agreed.
  • Avatar di MarcusLMosnter
    Synthia is probably their most solid album so far, Prisoner and The Brink are also good, but the new one is another level stuff
  • Avatar di Mr_Luca
    Synthia is a gret release imho, but The Brink and Prisoner were better. Despite that, it's very interesting, it seems like it's a transition album
  • Avatar di EDsebert
    Synthia <3
  • Avatar di benxander
    Enjoying the new release.
  • Avatar di Thunderplop
    Don't agree. Synthia is just as fantastic as the 2 predecessors, although it's different of course. But I really like that. Thanks for the music and all the best wishes to Heather.
  • Avatar di StarsRblue
    same .. i need a few more listens.. i have mixed feelings at the moment
  • Avatar di h0pesfall
    new album is just ok... i hope it will grow
  • Avatar di kubusff
    Vote up.
  • Avatar di puppett55
    The new album is superb! im listening to stamina over n over again and i hope Heather gets better soon!
  • Avatar di rhorewyn
    pleasure drive <3
  • Avatar di raffy_rillo
    The new album is EPIC. So much feels listening to it, just so good.
  • Avatar di Agallochy
    new album is great!!
  • Avatar di Cat_Schrodinger
    come alive <3
  • Avatar di Natali25
  • Avatar di corymcmeekinfm
    I love a good band playing drums and guitar with a female vocalist. So good.
  • Avatar di GeographyI
    One of my top artist. I waited so long for such band. Brilliant.
  • Avatar di rhorewyn
    maybe pat me on the back when you're able
  • Avatar di sheepmachine
    best band evR
  • Avatar di Kelvius
    those first 3 eps are so good that it hurts me just a little
  • Avatar di luna_proets
    что новый альбом лажовенький вышел
  • Avatar di idioticteen
    be a star rules
  • Avatar di WinnieJohnson
    amazing band!
  • Avatar di gschmeus
    They are so dramatically good
  • Avatar di Dodfalk
    Wasn't a fan of the new album _at all_ when I first listened to it and never gave it a second chance. Now shuffle has brought me back to "Look of love" and, oh my, what a fucking fantastic track.
  • Avatar di damarys_eira
    Peace of Mind <3
  • Avatar di cmcmsf
    Best. Band. Ever. It's a damn shame how unknown they are to so many.
  • Avatar di morgaineblack
    How is Prisoner not a top track???
  • Avatar di jhimbob
    Just experienced them playing my favourite songs from the new album live, was everything I hoped it would be! So happy
  • Avatar di StarsRblue
    the new album has grown on me a lot
  • Avatar di luischarlos
    Psychotherapy <3 [3]
  • Avatar di coldasyouare
    Psychotherapy <3 [2]
  • Avatar di MasterOfIlusion
    In my opinion All You Need is the best song on the new album. Deserves more listeners
  • Avatar di leopardali
    crushing on the new album,crushing on hayley,crushing on nik,crushing hard in general
  • Avatar di kezelda
    The new album is poppier but still amazing. It's still got that great unique Jezabels sound
  • Avatar di sheepmachine
    the new album is incredible. it's a great progression from previous - still got that unmistakable jezabels vibe but it's distinctive... feels fuller and more floaty. "psychotherapy," "look of love," and "beat to beat" are all-time greats. both of their albums are wonderful and destined to be classics tbh
  • Avatar di MonkeyDamir
  • Avatar di h0pesfall
    I didn't expect such a masterpiece! Lovin all songs...
  • Avatar di cmcmsf
    @Alejnu, I couldn't disagree with your review more. If you already gave it a proper chance, to each their own. But it's a clear 5/5 to my ears, and I've listened to it over 60 times as of this writing. Give it a bit more time.
  • Avatar di CaptainGraphite
    Psychotherapy <3
  • Avatar di SasserReturns
    thank you aaron harris
  • Avatar di Bayou16
    New album is excellent !


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