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  • Vote up.
  • The new album is superb! im listening to stamina over n over again and i hope Heather gets better soon!
  • pleasure drive <3
  • The new album is EPIC. So much feels listening to it, just so good.
  • new album is great!!
  • come alive <3
  • 💕
  • I love a good band playing drums and guitar with a female vocalist. So good.
  • One of my top artist. I waited so long for such band. Brilliant.
  • maybe pat me on the back when you're able
  • best band evR
  • those first 3 eps are so good that it hurts me just a little
  • что новый альбом лажовенький вышел
  • be a star rules
  • amazing band!
  • They are so dramatically good
  • Wasn't a fan of the new album _at all_ when I first listened to it and never gave it a second chance. Now shuffle has brought me back to "Look of love" and, oh my, what a fucking fantastic track.
  • Peace of Mind <3
  • Best. Band. Ever. It's a damn shame how unknown they are to so many.
  • How is Prisoner not a top track???
  • Just experienced them playing my favourite songs from the new album live, was everything I hoped it would be! So happy
  • the new album has grown on me a lot
  • Psychotherapy <3 [3]
  • Psychotherapy <3 [2]
  • In my opinion All You Need is the best song on the new album. Deserves more listeners
  • crushing on the new album,crushing on hayley,crushing on nik,crushing hard in general
  • The new album is poppier but still amazing. It's still got that great unique Jezabels sound
  • the new album is incredible. it's a great progression from previous - still got that unmistakable jezabels vibe but it's distinctive... feels fuller and more floaty. "psychotherapy," "look of love," and "beat to beat" are all-time greats. both of their albums are wonderful and destined to be classics tbh
  • addicted
  • I didn't expect such a masterpiece! Lovin all songs...
  • @Alejnu, I couldn't disagree with your review more. If you already gave it a proper chance, to each their own. But it's a clear 5/5 to my ears, and I've listened to it over 60 times as of this writing. Give it a bit more time.
  • Psychotherapy <3
  • thank you aaron harris
  • New album is excellent !
  • In love with The Brink. What an amazing album!
  • The Jezabels - The Brink PIAS / Rough Trade CD-Review
  • The Brink review
  • after two listenings i like the new one so far....might grow a little while later....;-)
  • the new one is awesome
  • my problem with the new album is the good amount of fillers.. guess u can't have a perfect album like the debut .. beato to beat and angels of fire are my least favourite for now
  • Rad cover of Don't Stop Believing:
  • Look Of Love*
  • new album sounds much lighter Id say, but some tracks are quite promising. I just miss some heaviness(?) from EPs
  • @benxander it's definitely a grower for sure. As you may see I've been listening to it non-stop and the standout songs really are some of their best now that I've had a chance to digest. Just the overall feel of the album isn't what I got when I listen to 'Prisoner'.
  • awesome new album
  • @Thanntos Understood. I think I'll wait until The Brink's release before trying it - refamiliarise myself with their older stuff before seeing them live. At first I didn't like Prisoner very much, at least not compared to the EP Dark Storm, but it grew on me. Perhaps The Brink will be the same.
  • And I thought they could never top "Dark Storm (EP)" and "She's So Hard (EP)", I am so happy and thankful for "The Brink", it makes me remember how much I love their catchy songs.
  • @benxander Not saying there are 3-4 albums better right now in 2014. Just saying 'Prisoner' for me was a solid 4.5-4.75/5 rating, while 'The Brink' is just a 4/5 or so right now. I was just expecting more
  • Welcome back guys... it's not a masterpiece like Prisoner (that I think it's one of the best album of the decade, it will last forever), but it's a solid album. I only expected it to sound more heavier
  • hpsss: Thanks or that . Also you're telling me, Thanntos, that you've found 3-4 other new releases of 2014 already which better The Brink?! It's only the 17th of January...


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