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The Haunted sono un gruppo Death Metal Svedese nato dalle ceneri degli At The Gates. Il loro stile non può essere inquadrato solamente nel Death metal, ma presenta anche cenni evidenti di Post Thrash metal e Metalcore, anche se talvolta ripropongono lo stile originale degli At The Gates.

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  • Nord Open Air Essen was fucking great !
  • Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • All Against All; Just pure awesomeness!
  • Maybe Dolving leaving was for the best. After all.
  • Exit Wounds gets better with every listen
  • Aro is back and all is fine. :) never thought I'd enjoy another The Haunted-album but here I am, Cutting Teeth!
  • Одна из любимейших групп. С первого альбома до последнего. Не расстаюсь с ними.
  • My copy of the limited edition of 'Exit Wounds' arrived, so here are my thoughts. The new album is imo as good as 'Made Me Do it' and 'One Kill Wonder', two classics...didn't expect it to be that good after the weaker Versus and the leaving of one of the Bjoerlers and Dolving and the drummer. I grew to like 'Unseen' eventually, but it didn't happen fast, initially I fucking hated that album. 'Exit wounds' is better than the 3 albums that came before it (yes, including 'The Dead Eye'), that's what I think. Shame they couldn't make such albums with Dolving after 'Revolver'...'Exit Wounds' is one of the best albums released this year, gonna be hard for others to top this album as far as thrash goes.
  • be sure to check out [artist]The Resistance[/artist]'s album too, basically the same band just with Jesper Stromblad instead of the At The Gates guys.
  • Didn't expect the new album to be this good, really digging it :D

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