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  • I see the light and it's shining in your eyes.
  • So, now there are three bands called 'The Gordons': the 80's NZ band (the ones I came looking for alerted by a 'new release'), the bluegrass duo and now two guys (with a new release) from Camberra, Australia.
  • I would kill to go back in time and see all these flying nun bands in their prime.
  • To have seen the Gordons live....
  • Yeah I saw this band live they were the loudest band in NZ back then. fucking awsum lol.
  • This band has always gotten under my skin in the best possible way. Love them!
  • Spik and Span is one of my favorite post-punk songs; these guys are good.
  • pretty amazing band. (the New Zealand one ofcourse)
  • Never listened to the Christians but the New Zealanders are cool.
  • Where can I find oficial info about The Gordons (NZ)?
  • Just discovered the NZ Gordons... ¡terrific!
  • Listening to these guys makes me even more proud of the fact that I'm from New Zealand :)
  • NZ Gordons officially have ownership of the pic now. Lets keep it that way!
  • a band who swing with "oh lady be good" in this album :
  • "In cases in which there are more than one artist using a name, we ask that you refrain from uploading images via the Music Manager, and instead do so from the artist's page on the main site." - those 'official images' will get deleted.
  • I think it's cos the christian band have "officially" uploaded the pics and images from the artist always get prioritized. anyone know the nz gordons?? haha
  • That's cool but the New Zealand Gordons are better
  • The Gordons are an enjoyable duo with exquisite harmonies, songwriting, musicianship, and production. The 'Christian' messages aren't so in-your-face that they would offend someone of another religion or even no religion.
  • God be damned, the Christians have hijacked both the band name and image!
  • Looks like the Christians have come to save your soul, fishfucker.
  • lol, this isn't the gordons

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