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  • 10/10
  • I love you guys more and more every day! Yeah the latest album is "different", but just listen to those amazing chord progressions and melodies, just beautiful!
  • Bad Wings <3
  • PUTAQUEPARIUUU. Eu amo esses caras <333333333333333333333333
  • awesome
  • head full of shadows is mindblowing, i both like the old and the new glitch mob [2]
  • head full of shadows is mindblowing, i both like the old and the new glitch mob
  • v Agree. They ran out of ideas after Drink the Sea. I thought they tried too hard on LDI.
  • Ooooh, new EP. Their music is good, but getting kinda boring. The new music sounds the same.
  • not IDM
  • ...where have these guys been all my life? O.o
  • Hope for the next show like in Hamburg last year :D
  • 9 months after my first shout and i'm still completely in love with Drink the Sea
  • Bad Wings is an amazing song!
  • need more glitch!
  • [user]nirzhar[/user] +1
  • Person Of Interest S4E11
  • gods <3
  • with marijuana - best music :)
  • Person Of Interest S4E11
  • v lol
  • The newest album is the worst piece of garbage I stumbled upon during this entire year. 0/10 would never listen again.
  • finally I discover a good electronic music act.has been hard to find good artists that I don't already know.
  • They absolutely destroyed Pittsburgh on Thursday, it was so rad love these guys
  • \\m/
  • Love Death Immortality epic !
  • thats sarcasm, i was pulling your chain, i meant the opposite of what i wrote
  • Uh yeah, there's totally a noteworthy glitch element to this music. It completely doesn't sound exactly like every other top-40-BeatPort-EDM-trash-for-closed-minded-babies music ever.
  • Music for creative minds.
  • ты прав!))
  • Концерт в Питере был ах...нен! Другие синонимы здесь не уместны! (качество картинки и звука оставляет желать лучшего)
  • по энергии
  • New album isn't as good as their first one
  • как-то так
  • incredible band, discovered them a few months ago and i am truly mesmerized by what they make...very different and original. FLY BY NIGHT ONLY
  • I have entirely fallen in love with their music, holy shit
  • Sick .
  • Like clip by [url= Glitch Mob]The Glitch Mob[/url] on music: "[url=]Becoming Harmonious (Feat. Metal Mother)[/url]".
  • Как-то по-отдельности у них по-качевей выходит
  • I like all of their old songs more than the new ones.
  • ekb
  • Повзрослел, полюбил Love Death Immortality. Превосходная работа.
  • Free download of West Coast Rocks (2014 Mix) -
  • The Glitch Mob photos from their recent show at Emo's in Austin:
  • I can not disagree that LDI worse than DTS :( but it still is not bad.
  • I just <3 LDI!
  • they tried too hard.
  • Новый альбом отличный. Но он больше попсовый, чем первый. Впрочем, это не мешает слушать его днями напролет)
  • the only reason people hate on ldi is because it's from the glitch mob. if any other artist had released such an album it would have received nothing but praise. yes, it's different from dts. no, it's not bad because of that. not in the slightest. by the way, anyone who liked it should check out ULTRNX.


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