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  • @Sixers-kun: A bass player in a tech death band is about as useful as clown at a funeral
  • So when these nikkas gonna release dat new album?
  • Sixers-kun, 2 years ago Evan Brewer played bass for them and he was busy during that tour. Now their bass player is Brandon Giffin, who was actually their first bassist. When his return was announced Michael stated that due to life circumstances (family I guess) Brandon won't be able to make every tour with them. Both situations aren't connected with Keene in any way jfc.
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów The Faceless
  • So I saw The Faceless for the 2nd time last night. The first time was 2 years ago when they were touring with BTBAM, The Contortionist, and The Safety Fire. And both times I saw them they had no bass player. What is it with Michael Keene and not having bass players?
  • Yes! I like the new Faceless song. It's better than anything off Autotheism. The new album is going to be damn impressive.
  • The spiraling void is such an amazing song
  • They decided to be a good band again!
  • they are back!
  • i prefer when they were screaming about aliens instead of how great it is to be an atheist
  • The Autotheist Movement (all parts) are equally beautiful as they are brutal... Is brutiful already a thing??
  • great discovery
  • wow
  • No one else likes Nightmare Fest? It's a terrific live demo.
  • I got really excited and thought The Faceless was dropping an EP, iPowder. Boooooooo! Oh well, I'll check out Kossuth anyway.
  • so many shit songwriting decisions and those awful lyrics
  • Greetings! Here is a new ep album, best one so far in 2015 imo. Great sounding technical death that's in the vein of RoS and The Faceless and those types of bands! Please do have a listen here: [url=]Kossuth - Mictlan EP[/url]
  • The only bad thing about their music is that their albums are too short.
  • honestly can't tell if i like Autotheism or not but i feel like i need to give it a few more listens to digest it...
  • Anyone like the live EP/demo [album artist=The Faceless]Nightmare Fest[/album]?
  • Akeldama is the best <3
  • This band is officially become one of my favorite.
  • Stoked to hear that Brandon Giffin (original bassist of the band) will be playing on the new album "In Becoming A Ghost" fucking awesome! Brandon will be on some of their tours as well!
  • Y'all gotta check out these guys: [artist]Irreversible Mechanism[/artist]
  • That's good news! Sometimes I feel like one of the few who still love this band! Can't wait for new material.
  • Justin McKinney is the new Guitarist Don't know if Julian Kersey (Aegaeon) and Chason Westmoreland (Hate Eternal) are full time Members :D
  • The Michael Keene Experience
  • if you like interesting and ingenious tech death like Faceless, you might like Gorod
  • The Bandless
  • Keene should now unite with Suicmez. Just for giggles, because they won't release any music anyway.
  • new album in 2050....... why did everyone quit!!?
  • And there goes the vocalist as well... "Michael Keene & Band" has now officially become "Michael Keene's The Bandless".
  • opeth #2
  • Awesome
  • Was hoping to hear at least one Faceless album with Rudys own drum parts, damn shame.
  • For people who look for similar albums to Autotheism, try out Opeth (Ghost Reveries) and Ne Obliviscaris (any album).
  • Please, prompt me albums/bands similar to Autotheism!! [2]
  • R.I.P. Mikey Domingo (original vocalist of The Faceless). You didn't contribute to any of the recordings, but you were still a member and you count.
  • We need a new album.
  • Please, prompt me albums/bands similar to Autotheism!!
  • @sunjay140 I like his clean vocals as well, look at my most played Faceless tracks, they are the ones where he sings clean, however in Autotheism they are just WAY TOO MUCH for (Tech) Death Metal.
  • I can't make up my mind between Planetary Duality and Autotheism. I love the Tech Death and epic riffs on Planetary Duality but I also the Opeth-y sound on Autotheism. I feel like i'm the only person who loves Michael's cleans.
  • ⌠↑ಠ_ಠ ←:D→ ಥ_ಥ↓⌡
  • Autotheism is great when they're going all-out tech-death like they used to. It starts to get bogged down when they come to choruses and clean vocals though unfortunately.
  • Amazing
  • The Faceless has some of the best lyrics i've heard. Nothing wrong with conspiracy lyrics. Autotheism is about Atheism so I don't why people are whining about the conspiracy lyrics in their older work.
  • Tech death for pseudointellectual tweenyboppers
  • david icke lyrics?!?!? LOL i thought this band was horrible to begin with but wow that just flushes the turd down the toilet.
  • I wonder when they will release their 3rd album, I hope Keene doesn't pull out a Suicmez and dies after the 2nd album.


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