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  • I saw Taman Shud played on an acoustic guitar by solo Gaz and three songs from Gala Mill @ an art gallery the day before they flew out to Europe plus some tracks from his solo album and Shark Fin too! I guess they're on a bit of a Wait Long By The River and Here Come The Lies kick because of those reissue albums and the old drummer who played on those albums is back in the line-up now. The tour before the ones this year (2015) you where very, very lucky if they did played any of old stuff really you know? You guys! But I heard they're going to tour your part of the world next year again so you should go again just to see what happen then!
  • It happens to the best of bands sometimes, they seemed really into the newer ones.
  • It's: You came here "in a" boat you fucking cunt! Sorry to be anal about it but if you're going to do it, well then... YOU CAME HERE IN A BOAT YOU FUCKING CUNT! V Hm I can understand that, that was my first time seeing them. Ah well they played "The Minotaur" at the Barcelona show so, I was a little surprised they didn't play anything off the last two albums, would have loved to have heard anything from Gala Mill. The set was solid they must have played 4 - 6 new songs, a bit hard to say though was jet lagged as hell but I do agree I can't help imagining how amazing those songs could have been. They did play "Shark Fin Blues" though which I did like beforehand - seeing it live changed my thoughts on it, it was really compelling. There was this one song that reminded me of "I See Seaweed" they played it, after a quick 2 minute break, I'm not sure if it was a newer one but it was in the vein of it. Maybe they had grown tired of those songs?
  • Saw them live for the second time, last week, and while they are always great, I couldn't help but feel disappointed about the setlist. I mean, there were virtually NO songs from their last three albums - what is up with that!? Have they suddenly renounced their recent (and in my opinion best) work? They still rocked, but I can't help but imagine how stellar it would have been if they'd played 'Jezebel', 'I'm Here Now', 'Luck in Odd Numbers', 'Oh My', 'I Am the Supercargo', 'The Grey Leader', etc., etc...
  • "Taman Shud" was awesome live, psychedelic fuckery. Nothing like a prune to make the death cults bloom, why you think the whole world’s gotta be like you?
  • new album in february
  • what’s the matter with all this Fuck?
  • I can't wait for the new album!!!
  • Gala Mill is there best, everyone get on it

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