• David Bowie @ Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Manchester, July 2007

    Gen 12 2008, 22:32 di queeniefox

    Good grey grief. That's pretty much my reaction to the events of yesterday/this morning.

    I think I'll have to divide the events into three sections.

    1) The journey there.

    Until yesterday I prided myself on being pretty good at getting myself around the country on my own. And yesterday, true to form I got to Sheffield ok. However either because I was excited about the concert or just because I'm an idiot I then proceeded to get on the wrong train from Sheffield to Manchester. And so I ended up in Derby. I had to get a train back to Sheffield and then on another train to Manchester making me 2 hours late. Luckily Abby and her two friends didn't seem to mind too much. We met up at the station. It was great to see Abby again and her two friends, Amy and Giles were both really nice. I didn't feel shy at all probably because the first thing that Giles did was hug me and lift me up in the air! They are both tall,(this is typical) dark (also typical, why was I born short and fair?) and Giles is pretty nice looking. …
  • I don't do last.fm surveys but this one's creative

    Set 24 2007, 22:00 di georgethe23rd

    In an effort to actually write about music rather than just listening to it for a change, I thought I'd fill this one in. At least it's an opportunity to be creative rather than one of those surveys where you find your 1st and last songs in your A to Z of tunes on iTunes...

    Name your top 10 most played bands on Last.fm:

    1 The Arcade Fire
    2 LCD Soundsystem
    3 Belle and Sebastian
    4 The Wedding Present
    5 Daft Punk
    6 The Killers
    7 Bloc Party
    8 Depeche Mode
    9 The Divine Comedy
    10 Jarvis Cocker

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    -- what was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    Jenny Was a Friend of Mine - from the excellent free NME compilation Songs to Save Your Life Compiled by Morrissey. That song among others on the album struck me instantly.

    -- what is your favourite album of 2?
    Sound Of Silver. I know it's a controversial choice but it's the album I got into them on.

    -- how many times have you seen 4 live?