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  • Great Track!!!........................Cool Beats & Sounds!!!....................
  • One of my favorite albums !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ahhhh just what I needed :)
  • the crystal method one of the legends of progressive breaks
  • =)
  • @facingeast: Still wicked after about twelve years of first hearing this.
  • =D
  • geile beats+geile stimmung......:-)
  • yooo-hoooo! love it!
  • magic!
  • really love it ♥
  • it!
  • sick tune, respect from the crew at
  • Groovy (Lotte @
  • classic standby.
  • Brings out the animal in me
  • makes me dance...inside
  • One of my favorite tracks off one of my favorite albums of all time.
  • ...!
  • Still wicked after over two years of first hearing this.
  • love those Chemical Brothers - like anything they do - long time fan - KEEP COMING BACK AGAIN!!!!!
  • Favorite track off this album for sure!
  • my favorite by TCM
  • Damn! DANCE ;-)
  • I can play this over and over and over.
  • The vocalist is "Trixie Reiss", she also co-wrote the track. Excellent.
  • Crystal Method Rules!!!
  • I would love to know the vocalist... I have a few songs for her.
  • TCM are gods! Love 'em!!
  • I love the vocals in this song. Great melodies and a sweet, trippy beat. Makes me want to DESTROY SOMETHING!
  • One of those songs that makes me feel like I'm striding into an underworld nightclub, armed to the teeth, with a shotgun strapped to my back. So cool. Just me then, yeah?
  • Sounds like street racing in a hover car with machine guns mounted on the hood.
  • That's nice, but I have another version?! Anyway, this one works too ;)
  • smiles
  • great track...
  • Я впечатлён
  • one of my favorite tracks since the first time i heard them about... i dunno 10+ years ago! =p. i was only like 11 or 12 then haha.
  • N!!!!!!CE TRACK!
  • i love it :D
  • Good track.
  • omfg this album is just... quality. The whole thing.
  • who is the singer?
  • :-)
  • Good vibes :D
  • DO YOU DARE 2 ?
  • I love this track!
  • long time favorite album. great work music and a classic electronic album for anyone slightly interested in the genre.
  • amazing album, every track's a blast!
  • still great stuff !!
  • It is so hard to believe this album is 11 years old now. Still gets constant play.


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