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I Cribs sono tre fratelli inglesi di Wakefield, che iniziano a suonare nel 2003 in piena Strokesmania e giungono all'esordio discografico già l'anno successivo. Il fratello più giovane (Ross) suona la batteria, quello di mezzo (Ryan) la chitarra e il maggiore (Gary) sta al basso e al canto. Il loro omonimo album d'esordio, con ingredienti sparsi di Pavement e Strokes, esce nel 2004 per Wichita.

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  • Have I heard anything like this before? Yes I have. Many times. And it's getting boring.
  • Damn, the new album is really good. Been obsessed with it lately.
  • that set at reading was amazing. I love you.
  • "third is ok"? it's fucking incredible thank you very much
  • Why does this make me feel so confortable ? It's impressive! :O
  • first two records are ace, third is ok, everything else, including the new one; very bland and samey.
  • First three tracks are great. Rest of the album is a pile of meh, but they're definitely improving.
  • fantastic album, you can't deny that!
  • First cribs stuff I have listened to, good album
  • it *could* be their best album,but really it's still 'MNWNW'

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