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  • why did the pic go from a band photo to a bunch of nerds who could pass for 4 guys that look like that 40yo nerd in your office who thinks he's 25 and just discovered Triple J? pathetic. they kinda look like pedos. change it back.
  • Haven't heard the Aussie band yet but the local (Seattle) band is pretty lame. Kind of like our own local version of Jet.
  • can anyone send me 'the shake' off stomp on tripwires? i have searched endlessesly and i still find it anywhere?
  • Where can I download some albums?? pls link
  • At the February Oxford Art Factory OK Go gig, I turned up early, tried to find my way to the bathroom, and stumbled into this sealed-off area where Simon Carter was performing 'Call Me Anytime' live with a new band. It was pretty freaking weird.
  • for anyone who cares, lead singer Simon Carter is making a solo album and apparently broke the group up cos he achieved everything he ever wanted to in a band, including getting into the Triple J Hottest 100.
  • fuck australia
  • They deserve more listeners
  • WTF, the Cops are no more? ARGH! Why wasn't I aware of this!?
  • if anyone has it, can someone please send me 'the shake' by the cops, i have been looking for it everywhere. =S my email is:
  • They've broken up? Oh wow. I just picked up Stomp on Tripwires for $2 at Sanity, have been wanting it for a fair while too.
  • Haha Timbo93 - so true! The Cops are seriously underrated at the moment.... they are gonna do well
  • The Cops from Oz kick arse. Fact!
  • Shouldn't you turn the inequality sign around? i.e. seattle < all of australia, or alternatively: all of america< sydney
  • seattle > all of australia.
  • Listen To The Cops From Seattle... The other band is Shit. Or I Mean Shite. I think one of them wears eyeliner.
  • your sooo right Timbo. The older stuff is their best.
  • love these lads!
  • Hot weapon is such 60's racing song :P
  • Gyroscope, The Cops, Grafton Primary... all at Wollongong University! WOOOOOOT!
  • i concur.
  • I agree.
  • call me anytime is best of the cops
  • These guys were staying in the hotel room next to mine last time I was in Melbourne. They were crayzay. Awesome band too...great job opening for Kaiser Cheifs.
  • yay . I am number one again! Boy, do I love the cops.
  • yay cops playing at the amp again soon cant wait anyone else going
  • Yeah Le Chic and Hot Weapon are what you want! Such a good album, keen as to see these guys soon! What are they like live?
  • I like how there's plenty of cool tracks on the arse end of the album. Too few albums are like that. Le Chic is perhaps the best track on there.
  • The entire album is amazing, one of the best for the year. These guys have just announced another show in Melbourne, this time at Hi Fi bar. Awesome :D If you don't have the album, buy it :)
  • i would if i had it >_>
  • Am i the only one who listens to the ENTIRE album?
  • 'ey cops, you should really consider making Le chic, Hawt weapon and Out of the firdge/into the fire singles. They are your best songs.
  • i thought they only had a few eps before the album? 'The Cops EP' (04), 'Stomp On Tripwires' (04,)80 In The Shade EP (06)
  • i like the first album more, but the new album is great (albeit completely different). So glad they came back so strongly...
  • great gig in ADELAIDE tongiht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEGA props
  • First album was good, second album was pure excellence. They really stepped up a notch from the first album.
  • It sure is good!
  • new album is good! new pic added :)
  • such a great band. call me anytime is so good! <3

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