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  • sls
    mondo green!
  • These sounds f-fall into my mi-i-i-i-ind [3]
  • These sounds f-fall into my mi-i-i-i-ind [2]
  • These sounds f-fall into my mi-i-i-i-ind
  • Love the Bucketheads version mind you, here is the Chicago original:
  • A mondegreen?
  • Be sure to check 'All In The Mind' which is just full of gems.
  • Got Myself Together & I Wanna Know....still listen to them on a regular basis....great stuff
  • this guy is the best guitarist there is!
  • I love Roam L's remix :)
  • Spotify should get their shit together and fix some tags.
  • The Bomb! is pure magic!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Fucking Spotify and it's fucked up tags! >:(
  • @spotify: gosh!!! fix your damn tags right!
  • @eirikbloodaxe: Yeah, Spotify scrobbles Buckethead's Giant Robot to this artist. It's REALLY annoying. How could they even make that mistake? ;S
  • The original lyrics are "Street sounds swirling through my mind" but The Bucketheads version says "These sounds fall into my mind" You can look at the discogs picture here.
  • canción de puta madre deberia relanzarse otra vez al top one.
  • these sounds fall into my miiiiiiiiiiiiinddd :D
  • Spotify scrobbles "GIANT ROBOT" to this artist, kind of annoying...
  • "street sounds swirling through my mind" google it!
  • At first, I've heard "pizza" lmao.
  • Er. Did they ever make anything else ;)
  • "The Bomb" Made House Music fun again.
  • <3 (:
  • hahahaha looks like the phrase evolved in the bomb version :D e.g daft punk - technologic & busta rhymes - touch it ( touch it bring it pay it watch it vs. touch it bring it babe watch it ) :P
  • Actually it's Street sounds fall into my mind though the beginning is cut slightly. Just check out Chicago - Street Player, which is the song from which the main sample was taken.
  • Memory lane this is.
  • Zaratulah: lol, same XP
  • These Sounds Fall Into My Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind <<<3<33<33
  • These Sounds Fall Into My Mind Duh! So that's what they are saying! I always thought it was a bunch of gibberish.
  • I found them by acident looking for Buckethead but I really love The Bomb!
  • the bomb is amazing
  • 'The Bomb' is... The Bomb.

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