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  • Avatar di bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów The Bronx
  • Avatar di beefigursk
    My favorite kill-your-fucking-grandmother, stab-a-baby-in-the-god-damn-face fuck-you band.
  • Avatar di BruceMcD2020
    Guess who had one of the most played songs on "Steven's Untitled Rock Show?" Check out the full playlist at!
  • Avatar di xylioiglesias
  • Avatar di poker_face22
    The Unholy Hand - очень годно ! альбом 7 из 10
  • Avatar di jacare_xxi
    Reading gig was amazing!
  • Avatar di jackyboiii
    The Bronx > The Bronx > The Bronx > The Bronx. AMIRIGHT?!
  • Avatar di Lawman_05
    IV is the best album of the year so far for me. Can't wait to see them again at Reading!
  • Avatar di strata_rep
    Good to have them back.
  • Avatar di crownanchor
    Revelation band indeed....
  • Avatar di ACA1985
    Setlists, photos, and vine videos from the show in Jersey!
  • Avatar di HimitsuUK
  • Avatar di Natas-Foetus
    Best show ever this past Sat. in St. Louis! Bronx fucken KILLED!!!!!!
  • Avatar di meanmrmustard
    These guys are ridiculous.
  • Avatar di murder_thedance
    Murder the Dance's - South East Queensland, Australian music journalism - review of The Bronx 'IV': 9/10
  • Avatar di Vader13
    Now that I let the album sink in for a bit I have to say though I love the album (I mean, it's The fucking Bronxxx!!!) it kinda feels like they're not firing from all cylinders, it's too focused on melodies in parts and could use more uncontrolled insanity like shown in parts of Under The Rabbit and Too Many Devils for example. Also I feel like Life Less Ordinary only made the cut because the lyrics are good. But again, I DO love the album (just nowhere near as much as Bronx I though ) ;)
  • Avatar di RobHeathers
    Hey, I just heard you guys on NPR (Iowa Public Radio). Come 7 o'clock each night they play you guys.
  • Avatar di matheuzimsccp
  • Avatar di arno88
    If anyone has a spare Bristol ticket by chance then please get in contact! It would be hugely appreciated.
  • Avatar di Bogatzke
  • Avatar di Just_Han
    New album fucking blows up [2]
  • Avatar di matheuzimsccp
    Under the rabbit kills.
  • Avatar di Cozfunkel
    I love the chorus on Style Over Everything and so should you!
  • Avatar di Natas-Foetus
    Bronx is the BEST!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar di padavanGreg
    Under the rabbit kills.
  • Avatar di k_rivers
  • Avatar di thompsonjohn
    Bronx is good people. Good band.
  • Avatar di matheuzimsccp LET'S CHANGE THAT MAIN PIC
  • Avatar di matheuzimsccp
    The Bronx IV is awesome, shit.
  • Avatar di rolic1969
    som retro by vox?
  • Avatar di orchidenver
    New album fucking blows up
  • Avatar di Noiseux
    man, amazing show! had a blast! Matt`s a really cool guy, was fun talking to him and the new songs sounded really good! stoked for the new record
  • Avatar di Noiseux
    gonna see them tonight in düsseldorf for the third time now, and I CANT WAIT!
  • Avatar di wordrefuge
    Anyone selling two tix for this tonight in Hamburg??!?!
  • Avatar di apiink
    Ribcage Ribcage Ribcage Ribcage yeaaaah
  • Avatar di FailToTheThief
    They get better and better every time I see them, their new stuff sounds great and they brought the house down with the old classics. What made it a truly memorable night was the support - two cracking support bands who really got the crowd on side and pumped them up for the main act. Go and check out Axis Of and Honningbarna, promise you won't regret it.
  • Avatar di DeadL34D
    The new Song is quiet nice. But i hope we get some hardcore Punk stuff. :D Missing some stuff like "Heart Attack American"
  • Avatar di FailToTheThief
    3 days... cannot wait.
  • Avatar di matheuzimsccp vote up, pls.
  • Avatar di beefigursk
    new album in january, 2013. finally! [2]
  • Avatar di matheuzimsccp
    new album in january, 2013. finally!
  • Avatar di Noiseux
    they kick so much ass live! cant wai to see them again in november!
  • Avatar di arno88
    @volcomaestro They have announced that the new album will be ready at the beginning of next year. "Download a cover of the most excellent song “4th of July” By: Dave Alvin. Sergeant America rides again!!! New Bronx record early next year. ‘merica Peace!"
  • Avatar di Volcomaestro
    C'mon fellas, you've had your fun with the Mariachi stuff now, time to go back to doing what you do best.
  • Avatar di matheuzimsccp
  • Avatar di llaposu
    you motherfucker... I WANT YOUR BLOOD!!!!
  • Avatar di skullivan34
    The Low Sun South of The Bronx
  • Avatar di matheuzimsccp
  • Avatar di BrandonDavid
    I love you guys!
  • Avatar di beefigursk
    The Bronx makes me want to punch everyone in sight. <3 punch


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