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  • dig it
  • All I see is the Joker bobbing his head in Gotham.
  • groovy and sinister sounding
  • rocktastic (898)
  • so us aagh a sinister Meditation girl then?
  • it rockic*******
  • rocktastic (897)
  • rocktastic (895)
  • rocktastic (3)
  • rocktastic (2)
  • rock on
  • Probably my favorite from these guys, and that is saying a lot because they have so much great stuff. Awesome in concert if you get a chance.
  • rocktastic
  • Aces
  • I've got a tortured mind and my blade is sharp / A bad combination in the dark
  • It's good :)
  • man--this band is great
  • The Black it s Good mann!
  • i can realate
  • u gata groove
  • Damn strait your momma don't pay our bills. So, stick 'em up and don't get any funny thoughts.
  • i love love love love this track
  • A sinister kid, thats me, thats me, the boy with the broken halo, thats me, thats me, the devil won't let me be!
  • UNH
  • ist gut...
  • 怎么全是英文 WALL?
  • Love these guys and not just because they are from my old hometown. lol
  • another gem from TBK :)
  • This song is great overall's all about that grunt in the beginning.
  • *me at the beginning. "BER. BER BER BER BER BERR..!"
  • Damn!! Soooo good!!
  • the grunt at the beginning of this song gmh [2]
  • the grunt at the beginning of this song gmh
  • Very similar the Mr Cat and the Jackyl's "Bad Man Coming"
  • this is just. idk. wonderful.
  • The Black Keys sound reminds me of Jimi Hendrix.
  • God damn that bass part
  • Yeah, man... =)
  • perfect
  • the boy with the broken halo
  • love it
  • ~le me feeling likabozz
  • CaideSin: "I'd pay money to hear Tom Waits cover this." If only...
  • When no one's at home, I turn this up real loud, mouth the words and play air guitar and feel like a motherfricking badass.
  • how can something be so BADASS?
  • @CaideSin. I'd pay to hear Tom Waits cover almost anything. I suspect a Shakira cover would be the most amazing thing ever.... "lucky that my breasts are small..."
  • The Devil won't let me be
  • seasoned with a heaping helping of grooooove
  • good
  • I'd pay money to hear Tom Waits cover this.


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