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The Black Crowes

Wiser Time (5:33)

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  • Budweiser Time!
  • well i'm stuck inside this part of my mind again, where the crowes are always lulling my blues to rest
  • any live version of this song is about as great as it gets :)
  • my shuffle threw this in. after many years, a good good listen! older...budweiser ;-)
  • Crowes
  • I love this crows song.....
  • Puts most of the so called 'alt-country' songs we get played to a dirty, damn, shame.
  • Their best song by a country mile.
  • One of the best songs EVER.
  • Love it
  • One of their finest. The transition from Ballad in Urgency to this is beautiful [3]
  • Hard to choose between Urgency-Wiser-Descending, they are all up there, blending into one joyous whole - such a great closing to great album - makes you want to go back to the start and do it all over again :p ...And just before you think it's over along comes the fantastic 'Bonus' Tied Up And Swallowed to slap you around the face! [ least it does on my original CD ;) ]
  • "Wiser Time" from their concert in 2011-07-18 - Paradiso, Amsterdam is simply amazing.
  • One of their finest. The transition from Ballad in Urgency to this is beautiful [2]
  • Tired, but wiser for the time Just an amazing song to kick back and enjoy a beer to.
  • in my favorite songs of theirs for sure
  • The version of this song that's playing on radio (my personal station) is not the album version, and I don't think it's the widely-available live version, either... Any ideas?
  • reminds me can't find my way home of blind faith
  • good song & great band
  • I fee like im in a tour bus looking out the window at endless fields. Definitely takes me on a journey.
  • r_m
    I also love how "Ballad In Urgency" leads into this. This song has such an amazing groove, always makes me feel damn good!
  • I love this song, I like the lead-in from the previous song into this song from the album.
  • Definitely underrated-band & song! Ask me why another road song?Funny, but I bet you never left home!
  • One of their finest. The transition from Ballad in Urgency to this is beautiful.
  • this is my favourite song by them.. i think they're really underrated....great song!!
  • these guys have stood the test of time man great band
  • their best album !!
  • FANTASTIC ROAD SONG!!! You can almost see the never ending fields and endless skies. Their Humble Pie, Faces, Rolling Stones style is sometimes too obvious and too overcopied, but for the 90's a great, great choice and very good band.
  • Can't work out what it reminds me of - but good toon tho'
  • I made a POO
  • BEST SONG EVER...... wiser for the time
  • 14 seconds til sunrise
  • LOVE !!!!!!
  • Another song, another mile...
  • damn right
  • Tired but wiser for the time indeed
  • good song was it
  • baunilha was here.
  • never listned to the black crows, but due to there love of frankie miller they deserve a listen.
  • I like the studio version the best because of the prominent steel guitar.
  • hate to tell but the intro is very similar to (clapton in) blind faith's "can't find my way home". ... Come down off your throne and leave your body alone..
  • i like this song 8)
  • studio version even prettier, though
  • up there with the best. sunrises so close, tired but wiser. don't that sum shit up proper!
  • The absolute best song about being on the road ever created.
  • beautiful!
  • Great Song - Great Record, very underrated.
  • This album is what I call true rock and roll.
  • My favorite album of the 90's ... so underrated and under-appreciated.


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