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The Birthday Massacre è una band new wave retró / Synth rock di Toronto, Canada. Il gruppo è stato formato nel 2000 con il nome di Imagica.

La band è nata nell'anno 2000 e la formazione originale comprendeva: Chibi (voce), Rainbow (chitarra), M. Falcore (chitarra), Aslan (basso). Per le loro prime performance live al Diversity Night Club di London, Ontario, Dank suonava la tastiera e O.E. le percussioni. In quell'anno rilasciarono una demo in edizione limitata.

Nel 2001, Dank lasciò… ulteriori informazioni

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  • @hayzozo lol it is funny isn't. you know what genre they are? AWESOME! that's there Genre :)
  • Spunk Rock is a new music blog devoted to discovering and sharing new great bands like TBM, check it out and follow:
  • Просто отлично!
  • Бессменный спонсор 2007-го.
  • Peoples care too much about genres, that are just titles and statements, peoples should just listen music and don´t pay too much attention to genres they should listen music that they like without thinking what is this type of music and try to set it to one way when music is infinite thing. Artists that dare to be experimental are just great artists themselves, they don´t try to be something they are what they are, without trying to follow some certain path, they go as they want as their "art" go aswell and well I just respect that way of being as artist and as live style. Peoples should think of this. TBM is TBM nothing more nothing less. If you like it or not what genre in the end even matter?...
  • lol it's funny how still to this day people disagree about what genre they are and aren't.
  • Haven't listened to them since high school. It feels good to come back to it after a long while. They also turned me onto Aural Vampire which i love!
  • Anyway long as you like it, it´s all that matter. I really personally can´t care what is their genre, they are experimental and they sound great that´s all that matter to me.
  • Yes it´s not near of regular goth music but I have noticed many gothic peoples still like it, so perhaps it comes from there. for me genres are just word statement and just tags to specify music to certain "boxes" but in the end lyrics and atmosphere matter more. I have been more or less into gothic culture for some years and well it depend much how you look at things for me it´s more about liking into more "darker" decoration, clothings andliking into things that I sinply just like, it´s not totally about music but it´s based on it. Yes but I´ll say TBM is not goth rock it´s more Industrial in overal (because well Industrial is part of gothic culture as sub genre and as musical genre it´s wide.) Anyhow I don´t care too much if music is gothic or not, if you are goth you are you may listen what ever you like it´s more value thing than fashion or music. like Industrial metal isn´t truly industrial it´s industrial + Metal but still it´s part of Cybergoth culture.

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