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  • Avatar di jooiceboss
    "1:06 minutes of bliss" [10]
  • Avatar di theironictea
  • Avatar di SpankThru23
    shut up, ringo is awesome, shut up
  • Avatar di evanisreallyok
    Fab track!!
  • Avatar di Roy1968Wood
    The weakest link with The Beatles was Ringo Starr. I know he fit the image that their producer was seeking (and became popular with prepubescent girls), but Ringo was a pedestrian drummer at best (no pun intended). Alan White (Yes) would have added the right touch to the records The Beatles made between 1965 - 1969).
  • Avatar di Druid66
    How stoned were they when they taped this anyway?
  • Avatar di Wesley-VA
    another out take or first take or what? can we have the actual song please although the Beatles sound great - always....
  • Avatar di Roy1968Wood
    An iconic rock group from Liverpool?! They rescued rock and roll from teen idol hell!!!!
  • Avatar di Carpe4Diem
    i love this song
  • Avatar di achromes
    yes! ♡

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