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The Band

Tears Of Rage (5:36)

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  • This is the best song ever recorded. The version: the voice, the instrumentals, the intro... everything sounds so perfect to me and succeeds at hitting all the soft spots, every single time.
  • The only introduction one would need to hear "roots rock and roll" can be heard on this compilation from The Band. Their albums, the first 3 in particular, are classics and for good reason.
  • gene clark's version is so much better
  • Good name.
  • Agree with Distron: Richard Manuel's plaintive vocal on this track could make a cold hearted a**hole get emotional. The Band...what can one say about such a great and talented group of musicians?
  • Why must I always be the thief?
  • I absolutely love the Band but always find this an unappealing, painful, boring track - sorry !! Awful in the extreme !!
  • Richard Manuel (R.I.P) had such a great voice. A very multi-talented musician. [1]
  • I understand what this is talking about, I myself is dealing with those "Tears Of Rage"
  • its great i am hearing The Band on Otis Redding radio
  • great song
  • Thanks Armin!! I like it!!
  • Thanks Armin :-))
  • Not many groups could boast a track of this quality as the opening number on their debut album! [2] RIP Levon.
  • Hung out w/Levon in NY. What a great guy.
  • Aw :( I got into this band about 2-3 months before he died. On another note, this song really fits my feelings about life right now. T_T
  • I will always regret not having gotten into this band before Levon's passing. RIP
  • sgreat
  • RIP, Levon. So blessed to have seen ya one last time at the Tennessee Theatre. See ya up on Cripple Creek.
  • Great tune...RIP Levon...what a great singer,drummer and classy guy!!!
  • RIP Levon, thanks for the great music!
  • Wrecks me every time, with Richard's tragic vocals, the piano, Robbie's guitars, Levon's dutiful drums, the whole thing plays like a New Orleans funeral march - classic stuff. Requiescat in pace, Richard and Rick.
  • merry
  • Beautiful vesion...I love it when voice catch me...
  • Richard Manuel (R.I.P) had such a great voice. A very multi-talented musician.
  • for me-the album-"the band"-is almost a greatest hits album-
  • Great Tune.....
  • RIP`re missed,guy
  • One of the best songs ever.
  • Not many groups could boast a track of this quality as the opening number on their debut album!
  • leatherybob: Start with Music From Big Pink The Band (2nd lp - included "Up On Cripple Creek" Rock Of Ages (Live lp featured the Tower Of Power horn section) The Last Waltz
  • Well, this is from their debut "Music From Big Pink", and that's the album to start with.
  • This is awesome. Why don't I listen to these guys more often? Any suggestions of albums to start with would be very welcome (I don't do Greatest Hits).
  • play on, play on, men. It's almost hard to believe how good this band was. All of them. ultimately tastey. playing and singing and writing. what a cosmic treat for us all, that so many good 'uns got together in the 60's and 70's---and in some cases beyond.
  • Vocal melodies absolutely kill me.
  • The Band Great sound, thanks for the memories!
  • oh so good
  • Rick Danko did not sing lead on this song... that wonderful voice you're hearing is Richard Manuel. The Last Waltz didn't do this great man justice... it was as if he wasn't in The Band. Shame, because he was the best singer in the group--and this song is proof of that.
  • :-) thanx, Bo...
  • The Last Waltz is a must see movie for any that like the Band, Clapton, Neil Young And so many others play with them it's truly incredible. And yes it is the best concert movie ever.
  • rick danko's got this voice that I wouldn't think I would like, but after hearing this and "the weight" he and levon helm just have cool voices. the last waltz = probably best concert movie ever and very high on my list of favorite movies.
  • Eric Clapton said once something to the effect that amongst his greatest professional regrets was that he didn't get to join the Band. This song makes me believe it, though they, and he, did all right separately! This tune is a bit wrenching to listen to, it's so heavy with raw emotion.
  • this song nearly moves me to tears every time I hear it... an ocean with aphotic depths; heavy.
  • One of the best -- met Robbie Robertson once and he is one of the nicest and most humble person you could imagine -- he is one of my heroes.
  • super
  • That voice ... those emotions ... oh gawd!
  • gute jungens


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