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  • I'm glad I read Slammed, this band is just so good as the books <3
  • Among the lucky few in the Netherlands that caught them live!! yay!
  • <3 Love at first sight, keep the nice work! ^_^ ( ^-^)_旦”” cheers from Brazil.
  • Big Fan Here
  • I read somewhere that they plan on realeasing a new album this year! I hope it will be better than the last two albums. At least better produced. I miss the raw feeling of the old albums!
  • !
  • More live albums pleeease
  • New episode of 'Austin City Limits' coming up later this year. They just taped another one. Photos and such here:
  • Best thing i've ever heard, love them!
  • Shot my arm full of so much love...
  • I don't know anyone who can write music as catchy as this... proper get stuck in your head forever stuff. Good old fashioned fantastic song writing.
  • ♪♫ღ♥ Ten Thousand Words ♥ღ♫♪
  • They just need to be tagged as "adult contemporary" now.
  • God, I love this band. I can't say more than that.
  • These guys are fantastic!!!!!
  • I'm really glad John Green mentioned them in one of his videos and thus helped me discover their amazing music :)
  • Frankly, I miss the turtlenecks of the 60's folk revival. Maybe if I write these guys a letter I can save modern fashion.
  • Even if they've watered down some in the last few years, when you look at what they have produced, it's a pretty awesome collection. I will always love and respect their songwriting. Hoping to catch the NYE show!
  • Thank you, karmapolice41, thank you.
  • Evolve, devolve...whatever.
  • the new song sounds more like their old sound than anything on their last album, try not to be so negative. there are literally no bands as good as the avetts that are going to sound the same for longer than 3-4 albums. if you like the old sound, listen to the albums, there's plenty to listen to. why do people insist on bitching about every band not sounding the same for their entire careers. they are artists, artists evolve. cripes.
  • Based on the new song, it appears the old sound is dead....
  • Hey everyone! I'm a huge Avett fan, and my band has been inspired so much by their sound. I actually even have an Avett tattoo, haha. We just released our first single, and I'd really appreciate you checking it out! Thank you!
  • Seems like The Carpenter has been pretty polarizing according to the comments. Gotta say I'm on the side that loves the new album :D. Sure it's a bit "less energetic", but all albums can't be the same or that'd be boring. Tracks I Never Knew You and Live and Die are great!
  • carpenter pretty much sucks balls compared to everything else they've put out
  • Been jamming to Live and Die :D
  • Just got carpenter on vinyl. I am happy! My wife and I got our pre-sale tickets for the Feb. 14th show in Ft. Wayne, IN. We are very happy!
  • The Carpenter for Album of the year.....Happy I will be..<3
  • Rick Rubin rules music production!!!!!!!!!!!
  • If you are a TRUE Avett fan you understand the new album...If you don't get it maybe one day you will...<<<3<<
  • They sure like writing a lot of songs that have "Pretty Girl" in the title.
  • Still love the Avetts, but the Carpenter sounds like the Backstreet Boys trying to write a folk album. Think I'll sit this one out.
  • The Carpenter is good don't get me wrong, but it's no where near as good as what I'd expect from The Avett Brothers. Worst release so far, but still better than other groups.
  • Im still digesting the new album. Each previous album had a low absorption curve for me, but his one is a bit too glossy (sonically) for my taste.
  • @catachrestic: maybe after 10+ years of making music they are mellowing out a bit.. these guys are well into their 30's at this point, with families; I doubt they feel more punkish each year. (not to mention if you see them live they still maintain that high energy in every show). I really appreciate the lyrical maturity on this album, they're facing many difficult questions about life, death, and their place in it all.
  • The new album is quite a bit better than the last, but still makes me miss Four Thieves Gone and Mignonette era stuff.
  • The Carpenter is so different from every album ever released except for the fact that it's not. Then again, welcome to the last decade of folk.
  • Maybe it's just me, but with each new album the Avett's sound less like the energetic, punk-ish bluegrass band I originally enjoyed listening to, and more like a 90's boy band. I feel like if the next album was an All-For-One cover album ("I Swear"), I wouldn't be surprised.
  • I like the new album!
  • The new album is pretty so far!
  • new album is good
  • Father's First Spring = :)
  • The Carpenter is disappointing.
  • The Carpenter is Perfect.
  • Listening to the leak ATM (I feel guilty but what can we do, right?) and I'm liking it so much.
  • New album!
  • Kick Drum Heart. <3
  • I can't wait for this next album. I hope it doesn't stray too far away from their sound though.


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