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  • <3
  • Hospice is outstanding.
  • :~
  • I respect the musical content of Familiars but just haven't enjoyed it like Attic/Burst/Hospice :/
  • o b r i g a d a
  • In London is just breathtaking..
  • Heavy Pop Review:
  • Remix:
  • i will never be the same after their show at halfway.
  • <3
  • <3
  • <3
  • 😢
  • Oh, how do I love you, guys
  • Revisited is probably the best one. [3]
  • One of a kind. They combine passion and intensity with delicacy and grace and make the seemingly opposites work. There are very few indie bands that actually use piano and have intense fuzzy breakdowns. All of these songs manage to be unique and memorable.
  • Damn right. The Antlers are awesome.
  • [group]Men Who Cook Are Sexy[/group] Irrelevant i know
  • his music the hipster garabe i've ever heard.
  • esses caras são fantásticos demais, e o Silberman merecia um prêmio
  • See You in Poland !
  • Pete Silberman is a motherfucker
  • *likes*
  • Wild Beasts newest album hits my Antlers' nerve
  • like dis if u cri every time
  • Revisited is probably the best one. [3]
  • Antlers is the only band that feels like an understanding best friend
  • Uprooted, The Universe is Going to Catch You, Drift Drive, Sylvia, Putting The Dog to Sleep, and Intruders are the best songs per album.
  • esse álbum novo ta mto bom
  • Minha review do ano incluindo Familiars:
  • Favorite album of the year by far. Gorgeous from start to finish.
  • ily
  • Revisited is probably the best one. [2]
  • Revisited is probably the best one.
  • Familiars is probably my favorite album. Beautiful
  • I know this is pretty shameless self-promotion, but if you're into ambient/soundscapes/etc., you might like my new release, Summer Ghosts. It's ambient music inspired by amazing talents like Sigur Rós, Jonsí & Alex, Brian Eno, Tycho, and more, so check it out if you'd like! You can find both of my releases at Have a good one.
  • I think that it is the hallmark of a truly amazing band when we can reach no consensus regarding whether one of two excellent albums is the best.
  • Concert Review (Vienna) @ Heavy Pop:
  • my favourite band in the whole world at this moment
  • Yeah familiars is a truly spectacular album. I really am starting to hold it on the same level as Hospice, it's just that they're such different affairs that they aren't even in the same arena.
  • Familiars is so damn good.
  • If you like The Antlers, you might like ambient lo-fi folk act The Noises We Make When No One Is Around. The debut ep is available on Bandcamp on September 29th but until then, you can listen via Soundcloud; Enjoy!
  • me love you long time
  • "Director" is a song that commands silence while listening, something that The Antlers have mastered. The song is tucked into the conclusion of this playlist and makes for an interesting combo with the electronic acts that follow. Check it out!-
  • Saw these guys at a free show last Friday, on the 15th, and it was amazing. So intimate, I feel lucky to have experienced it.
  • todos os álbuns são extremamente bons!
  • I want to see them live soooo much!
  • again, important to remember those are two entirely different beasts, and what stands out within each is completely different than that of the other. This is a very good band.


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