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We Are Him
The Angels of Light

We Are Him

Elenco dei brani


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  • Massive album indeed. Here's an interview about it that any of you mad lovers of the masterwork will appreciate - great questions (shockingly so for an interview in the pop music world), excellent answers:
  • yes -_-
  • Massive album. Gira still has yet to make something as impressive as this with the reformed Swans.
  • Yeah I agree that this is one of Gira's best moments of creativity. And it's probably his most underrated album. I can understand why he decided to return with swans (which was good idea generally). The seer and my father... are in my opinion albums on the same level as we are him, but the difference in popularity of them is huge. Enough said.
  • Very, very, very good! And yes, definitely a grower, but once it sinks its teeth into you, it's there to stay.
  • "one of Gira's BEST albums" definitely, this is marvelous!
  • My favourite AOL album. Not a single dull moment.
  • one of Gira's BEST albums
  • sick
  • Yeah, this is the best cover ever.

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