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  • Avatar di kiv43
    Badly Drawn Boy with an American accent, nothing bad inthat itself.........nothing new.
  • Avatar di Conquerthecity
    I think I might get bored of The Album Leaf if he never sang. Don't mind the vocals in this song.
  • Avatar di Goguldu
    Agreed on that @judymowa :)...The vocals aren't sync for the soulful tune..
  • Avatar di judymowa
    Definately would sound way better without vocals.
  • Avatar di EdgeLike
    they fit perfectly.
  • Avatar di valerus
    i can see how the vocals, especially in this song, can be noted as bad or misplaced. I, though, think they fit. It boils down to personal preference, methinks.
  • Avatar di midliferickman
    I don't get why everyone hates the vocal??? It's not offensive......
  • Avatar di Ushandul
    Kids be hatin' on the voice! I personally really like it for this track.
  • Avatar di Yabangy12
    Album leaf is roughly 97% ho-hum. :/
  • Avatar di rick_scha
    the vocals are good, i think they fit pretty well here


You were sewn to the ground, so you cut the wires of lead.
You swim against the tide, yet you drowned in the sky.
You whispered to make a sound, and you crawled to reach the ground.
You held your head up high, yet you duck beneath the clouds.

Testo di The Album Leaf - On Your Way


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