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« La vita è dura, ma i Testament ancora di più! »
(Eric Peterson)

I Testament sono un gruppo Thrash Metal Statunitense, nato a San Francisco (California) nel 1983 inizialmente con il nome di Legacy. Sono stati una delle più grandi band Thrash Metal della storia. Infatti, il quintetto di San Francisco sembrava sul punto di mettere in discussione i Metallica (la loro influenza più evidente) nel Thrash Melodico, ma la loro…

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  • @EDRORR That doesn't sound bad. Thanks for the recommendation.
  • @Samson-91 Thats why you should listen to First Strike Is Deadly. They re-recorded all the old classics with a much better production.
  • amo demais
  • Testament interview at Download festival
  • Testament really suffered from shitty production. Master of Puppets had great production so the tech existed back then. Testament wrote some real hook-laden tunes and had a great singer to execute them. I think they were just as good as Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth. Well, maybe not Megadeth. Listening to their albums is like I'm listening to cheap cassette recording. Why they had a horrible production, it's beyond me.
  • My fav thrash band. With the best guitarist ever.
  • Sign if you want the old back
  • My Big 3 is Metallica (for first 4 albums), Testament, Annihilator. As fourth one I can't decide. Maybe Exodus, but I can't stand their vocals.
  • Se interessar excursão para o show em Porto Alegre - RS - 17.11.15./if interest excurtion to the show in Porto Alegre - RS -11.17.15.!

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