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  • YouthViolence Thats funny I was just thinking of how much those two bands remind me of one another
  • I also read it as Testicles.
  • You all see that event posted there ^????
  • still love their sound... they capture that certain mid00s retardedness in a very unique way
  • <3
  • rip
  • klaxons copied this.
  • Damn. I remember listening to these guys in 7th grade... like 8 years ago. Still good
  • chuckgiscool: You're only eight years old?
  • Love you guys so much. Wish I was old enough to love you when you came out. Never forget
  • positively Japanese!! (a compliment, btw).
  • I read testicles [2]
  • Yes, we would.
  • I would make love to all of them
  • RAARY, I LOVE YOU!!! you are so fuckin creative, i want a poster of your talent...
  • remember little sammy
  • I remember when For Screening Purposes Only was brand new. And I remember when they announced their break up. I feel old.
  • come back guys :'(
  • Has it really been that long? It blows my mind that I listened to these guys in 8th grade and it's been half a decade since then.
  • The jeans were so tight....
  • I read testicles
  • ахуэнна
  • miss this band so much
  • i <3 test icicles ._.
  • i love you
  • miss them, should have stayed together
  • mad love! release some new shit!
  • Circle, Square, Triangle хорошая и вообще крутяки
  • epic tits band
  • I completely forgot about this band until today, I used to love them when I was 14/15 and they still sound great now.
  • loooooooove
  • sam mehran is suchhhhh a cool guy
  • I'm surprised that there's not a big buzz about OLR on here yet
  • Rory Attwell is DJing in London tonight and tomorrow afternoon! Here: (1) (2)
  • It took me the best part of four years, but I finally found and won a Test Icicles t shirt. YES!
  • want them back :(
  • LOVE
  • Dancing on Pegs
  • Maintain the Focus!!!
  • lol testes
  • I always thought they sounded like bloc party with less pretension and many, many more drugs [2]
  • seriooo
  • vamos ver
  • i miss them
  • miss em
  • my favorite song -> Circle Square Triangle.
  • get a haircut sissy !
  • brings me back to 10th grade


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