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  • This guy helps my restless mind rest. <3
  • So stoked for his upcoming show in LA! The new album is amazing
  • Can't wait to see the new stuff live! It will be cool to see more refined renditions of some of these tunes
  • Don't like the new style :( Way less original than the old style.
  • The new album is a real departure to his sound, embracing indie pop all in all. Not bad at all.
  • New stuff sounds cool. Does anyone else think the expanded side of a world away is a league above the original?
  • > LOST SONGS <
  • Отличный, например
  • holy shit that's a really pretentious description [2]
  • now when i listen to 'The Future', definitely worth it.
  • Move Into Light isn't here?
  • good music but holy shit that's a really pretentious description
  • treten fits perfectly with every love moment
  • oh man I just impulse bought this and it's fucking incredible jesus christ
  • four more years is chillwaves greatest accomplishment
  • please come to brazil
  • All of us, together...
  • best album?
  • Teen Daze <3
  • where have you been all these years, Ben?
  • i love jamison but both of his daytrotter sessions are way better than anything else he's released (aside from maybe the cover of 'wet hair')
  • Lost Songs collection is way better than his official stuff.
  • why is everyone hating on glacier i don't understand
  • Glacier <3
  • glacier is awesome.
  • New album is good.
  • brooklyn sunburn !!! Great
  • nou
  • shit
  • All of Us, Together remembers me a psx game called Spyro the dragon, somehow.
  • New release! "I’ve decided to put up all of my unreleased work from the last few years as a free download. Of course there are still hundreds of half-started ideas, and some tracks that were finished, but really just not good at all, so it’s been edited a bit. Regardless, here’s 30 songs (organized into three discs) that have been taking space on my hard drive. Enjoy!"
  • All of Us, Together is so damn good!
  • New band!
  • <33
  • New EP is the cat's pajamas:
  • A free compilation album featuring these guys is free to download here - Did I mention it's free?
  • Their music puts me to sleep
  • fuck yes new album
  • i've had Tour EP on my computer for over a year now and I never listened to it until today because I thought it was boring after listening to one song. But wow I listened to the whole thing earlier today and it is amazing, can't believe I had it collecting dust like that
  • !!! :)
  • The imaginary friend I never had! :3
  • Not bad, but kinda boring.
  • Our take on Inner Mansions:
  • almost didnt listen to Inner Mansions after how not good the first one was, but this is lovely
  • Inner Mansions has its moments.
  • Two releases in a year! The Inner Mansions is quite different from what I had expected--honestly a little disappointing.
  • I love their latest track, Alaska. Weird sounds but cool (2)
  • I love their latest track, Alaska. Weird sounds but cool


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