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Believed (4:02)

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Frankly modest, speech dishonest
Eyes upon us like a vulture in the sky
Hovering carcass, molding earth, filthy birth after

Testo di Taproot - Believed


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  • Nice...
  • Love their sound, and to me thats all that counts.. welk that and the singer's voice, which I love
  • where are the parents? where's the girlfriend? taproot has damn fine lyrics. this song is about the irony of social isolation - the fact that everyone is different, but it doesn't matter if you're not the right kind of different. you can't get anymore teenage angst than that.
  • what. what? frankly modest... speech dishonest.... eyes upon us like a vulture in the sky. live... the whole damn story, led in motion, peers are punished for their individuality, seperating us all...
  • raar
  • I agree with Sleepy. They've got a good sound, but have pretty standard, uninteresting lyrics.
  • EX: Nirvana wants to write a song about love, sex, pain, and drugs, so they write "heart-shaped box", which is using diff language to talk about something typical. Prob a long shot from 3 Day's Grace "Pain"...dude, really?
  • You know, I don't mind taproot, but it seems like they suffer from a classic problem; good music, and a complete lack of anything interesting to say. I like some songs, but isn't there more going on in your life than your..parents and your girlfriend? Still good...just maybe branch out a bit?
  • Toll, ein Handy-Video von Taproot. Super Sound :-(((
  • très bien construit....

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