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  • I fucking love this band. Almost as good as atmopshere
  • john lennon <3
  • Infinite! definitely the best SU release in a minute
  • fuck yeah the bill murray ep
  • dope! preorded Infinite, can't wait
  • АтличнаА
  • "I keep it Murray 'til I'm blurry." Marvelously entertaining. It's refreshing to hear modern-day hip-hop artists who hold themselves to a higher standard; artists who create lyrically stimulating tracks and deliver an overall quality sound. In order to provoke thought through artistic expression, a certain degree of thought must first go in to its conception. I look forward to listening to more of their previously released albums—hopefully more will be made available on Spotify in the near future.
  • I make money, but money don't make me.
  • Best Music ;D POLAND here ^^
  • OH MY <3
  • A new hip hop duo from Vancouver has just made their debut mixtape produced by Special Kay featuring guest spots from Moka Only. Cop the mixtape from their website!
  • totally underrated
  • Where The F**k Are "Ascend" And "Comes And Goes"?
  • Staring at the Walls (Too Late) is an incredibly well written and performed song, such a good way to end the EP.
  • seriously sick group. [2]
  • seriously sick group.
  • Real lyrics!
  • water sweet - perfext album!!
  • sweet
  • ascend ftw
  • Sweatshop! And fans VVVVVVVVV :D
  • Awesome group, my favourites are Labour pains and us
  • I would love for sweatshop to do a show in steel city, amaizing music...
  • Criminally under-rated group.
  • bummed you couldn't make it last night.
  • LOVE Sweatshop, represent canada
  • :D
  • these guys are great. the show at the habitat was amazing, i would defiantly come again.
  • come play the Portland area soon!
  • If you get the chance to see these guys do it!! but do it fast they pack the house in my home town.
  • Hit The Wall is amazing!
  • The song Come Back is great man!
  • The show they played in Kelowna was aaaaaawesome.
  • gotta love Water Street! SU always make great music!
  • these guys put on an amazin' show. maaaybe it had something to do with the venue but it was no doubt one of these best hiphop shows ive been to.
  • i know steelprophet! underrated and under listened
  • wow, just realized how great these guys are!
  • Moose is my new favorite track from Water Street.
  • Album's almost as much fun as the real Water Street.
  • water street is dope. haah.
  • "Comes And Goes" Is Awesome! Best Track Of The Album...
  • NEW ALBUM Is Great!
  • Water street is different, yes, but still awesome. Very catchy, but still very, very far from selling out/abandoning their cause.
  • water street is orgasmic. there are a couple of verses that didn't seem like the regular sweatshop style (less political, more "look how tight we are"). but for the most part it is a really good album, i would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
  • dude so my friend totally opened a show for them 4 years ago
  • how's water street? reviews?
  • :)))
  • The entirety of Water Street is genius. I get chills every time I listen to a few of the tracks.


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