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Gli Svartsot sono un gruppo folk/viking danese, che si è formato nel 2005, e dall'anno successivo ha pubblicato tre album.
Ricordano molto i Finntroll o i Trollfest, in quanto hanno lo stesso stile nel comporre le proprie musiche, ed anche il loro modo di essere li avvicina ai due grandi gruppi prima citati.
Particolare è il frequente cambio di stile di canto, da scream a growl, che rende le canzoni molto dinamiche ed eclettiche.…

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  • Yomi (Japanese folk metal) Our first official video is out! Album to follow really soon! ​Follow all the news by subscribing to
  • Great bunch of bastards.
  • All of their albums are great !
  • Vældet is boring as fuck.
  • Mulmets Viser is good from start to finish. Great work!
  • Extreme deep growl, as it's supposed to be and be done. Great job guys.
  • @ cybrauralninjuh - under other cirsumstances, we would probably have done Paganfest US earlier this year. But, unfortunately, it didn't happen as planned...
  • HAY HO YAY LEY HO from the middle of the US! I wish more of my area listened to folk music like this, considering we're mainly all from northern europe but for what it's worth, I'm going to the next Paganfest would be awesome if you guys showed up. If you gig at a good bar you and I might even get killer microbrews.
  • @fuyunoneko Hopefully in the near future! We don't have any actual touring plans as yet. But it would be cool to visit Finland - and many other places we haven't yet been to...

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