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  • ❤ Ultra Light ❤
  • Just discovered him on hypem. So awesome. Hits my nostalgia buttons so hard. I immediately bought AES off of Beatport.
  • New pictures:
  • Come To Mexico Pleasee !!!!!!!!!!
  • i too came here to say "fuckin WAREHOUSE"
  • AES is awesome. Is it too early to name it "EP of the year"?
  • Advanced Entertainment System. Surkin is back!
  • Surkin, come to Dallas, Texas!
  • hard miami pool party
  • surkin sitting on sebastian's lap
  • very fresh party music.
  • great artist
  • Fffffuuuuuuu Ultra Light never seems to get old! Listened that track over and over and still, everytime I hear it my facial expression goes from being :| to =!@#)@#!($!(@#)%>>
  • usa club mixes is crazy good. i fucking love you surkin <3
  • Le nouvel album est décevant tout de même :(
  • french touch!
  • i like the new album better then the other garbage he did before
  • The new album was a disappointment in my opinion. :(
  • Such an amazing album. Justice & Sebastian left me disappointed this year... Surkin definitely did not!
  • Help me get this pic up, it would be too cool if I could be in Surkin's profile pic, even if it's just for one day. That dude on the right with the Justice shirt is me ^^
  • Refreshing to hear a concept album tbh. Big ups Surkin.
  • Great album. French House for the 21st century.
  • I nominate Surkin to produce the next GTA soundtrack! [2]
  • new abum is amazing <3
  • ни чо так, lose yourself зацепил)
  • Love the album! Am not really bothered by the radio concept at all, surely if you want to play these tracks out you'll just have to be more creative in your mixing?
  • France does it again.. no surprises here..
  • Album of the year!!!
  • I nominate Surkin to produce the next GTA soundtrack!
  • fuckin' awesome!
  • Harry is my personal favourite off the new album <3
  • Lose Yourself !
  • i could do without the radio concept / mixing
  • I'm disappointed too but at least Justice's album tracks are all new... Don't know what to say now I'll listen to real new tracks more times...some of them are so meh and the mix/link between them is very annoying.
  • New album made me forgot AVD ever existed. Well not really, but it's still an amazing album.
  • you kidding Ephemere? It's about 10x better than AVD, absolutely incredible album.
  • New album isn't as bad as AVD, but almost. Stop recycling old tracks guys!
  • can't stop listening to ultra light! pure awesomeness!
  • new album gonna be a bomb!!!
  • Surkin - Fireworks Hotmix (from forthcoming album 'USA')
  • surkin - ultralight // radio Rip 2011
  • Silver island not in top, what a ...?
  • listened to a single track and i'm already addicted. :>
  • love it white...
  • Pure Awesomeness
  • powerful music!
  • king.


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